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Delicious Share Count Checker

Delicious Share Count Checker

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Many people nowadays prefer bookmarking content using social bookmarking sites such as Delicious rather than doing it on their personal computers. That way, users can access the bookmarked content from any device and anywhere.

Delicious is the leading social bookmarking site which lets users discover, keep and share the best content on web. Delicious share count is very important for your website traffic as search engines normally use social signals from the leading social platforms such as Delicious to rank websites in the level of popularity by users.

The use of Delicious is purposely for increasing your online presence and visibility for many people to see your content. Search engines such as Google are regularly being updated in favor of high quality web content. Therefore, it is important for you to have your marketing strategies in position. Delicious share count checker can help you determine the number of share counts your content has obtained and will be a good start point for your marketing strategy. You may also include Delicious share buttons on your site for visitors to find it easier to save your content for later viewing. When your content is bookmarked, it is also available to other Delicious users.

Simply type your website URL in the form and click the submit button to find out the number of Delicious shares your website has earned.