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It's no secret that the domain age of a website plays a very important role in ranking. Old domains have a slight edge over new domains. Old domains are seen to be more credible than new domains. It's akin to a professional who has been around for quite some time and one who just started out. Basically, a domain age checker enables you to determine the average age of a particular domain and how the domain was like when it started.

If you want to purchase a domain and are unsure of when it started operations, using a domain age checker tool is the most effective way to put your fears to rest. It displays information about the exact year, the month and the day the website was created. What's more? Old domains tend to have a slight edge in search engine rankings. It's probably the reason people opt to buy an old domain for their business as opposed to buying a new one with no history and credibility. This online tool is free, accurate, and you don’t need any kind of registration to use it.