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Extract Meta Tags

Extract Meta Tags

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Meta tags are usually found in the head tags of a website and carry very important information which is normally accessed by search engines. The Meta tags of a website form a vital part of website ranking and indexing by search engines. Apart from the information contained in the title tags, nothing else in the head tags can be seen to users. Such data are rather used to provide search engines with the necessary information required for cataloguing your site. This is important in helping users that are searching websites with information related to yours to easily find the specific sites they are searching.

Some of the Meta tags that are normally accessed by search engines when indexing and ranking websites include title, Meta description, Meta keywords, and Meta robots. Although title is usually not considered as a real Meta tag, but it is worth mentioning in relation to the rest of the Meta tags mentioned.

Extract Meta tags SEO tool has made it extremely easier for you to extract the title, keywords and description from any website. By simply entering the URL of any website, the online SEO tool will extract and return the Meta tags of that particular website.

Using the tool doesn’t require any skills or experience. Just type in or paste the URL of the website whose Meta tags you wish to find in the form and press the submit button. The tool will extract the Meta tag details and display them in a friendly and well organized manner.