Facebook Comments Count Checker

Facebook Comments Count Checker

Facebook Comments Count Checker

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Facebook comments are one of the richest sources of Meta data on the internet. Conversations and comments from Facebook offer feedback mechanism that are valuable, hence providing richer context to search engines and users as well. Search engine values comments a lot as it is a way of capturing how people view certain products or topics on the web. Comments also assist search engine in creation of clusters of keywords and offer long-tail keyword searches. The comments are also used to determine whether the content is up to date or still fresh, popular or important.

Facebook normally uses social signals in displaying the most relevant and high quality comments for every single user. When a user decides to post a comment on Facebook, the comment is visible to their friends in the news feed section. As an SEO expert, users’ comments about your products or posts is very important for sustainable growth of your business. It is necessary that the Facebook comments are accessible to search engine spiders. To achieve that, you can use Facebook graph API as content in your page’s body. Caching is then used to reduce the loading time and improve on speed of the page.

Knowing the number of comments that your site enjoys from the vast users on Facebook is a different task either. With Facebook comments count checker, it is possible to get the number of comments for a specific URL entered.

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