Facebook Share Count Checker

Facebook Share Count Checker

Facebook Share Count Checker

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The importance of Facebook to online business entrepreneurs is not debatable. There are several things that you stand to gain when you integrate your business with Facebook, including increased, traffic and exposure, developing a community of loyal fans, improved search engine rankings, improved sales and many others. Facebook share counts account for a larger part in the gains.

The free online Facebook share count checker tool lets you check the number of times a URL has been shared.Facebook automatically generates a snip that is based on the shared text, available images or page URLs and pastes it on the user’s wall.

Facebook share count checker tool is an effective tool for webmasters to track their social backlinks. You can also use it to understand the amount of social impact and influence your URL has on the general public. The free online tool is also effective when you need to analyze the effectiveness of your Facebook campaign efforts. From your Facebook share count report, you’ll be able to know whether the efforts you are applying on your social media campaign are bearing fruits or not.

By simply entering your URL and hitting enter key, you’ll be able to view a brief report on the number of times your content has been shared across Facebook.