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Google indexes billions and billions of webpages based on a number of factors. Since it would not be possible for humans to go through and index every webpage available on the internet, the Google search engine algorithm rank pages based on how it interprets the content of the page. Some of the factors it considers includes quality of the content, quantity of the content as well as factors related to the user.

So how can I use Google Index Count Checker? Run the tool to the Google index of any webpage. Note that this can only work if the page has been crawled by Google bots. You can check nearly any number of pages that have fresh content. By using the tool, you will know the Google index of your webpages. This way, you are able to work on the page to increase its PageRank.

The results may change frequently based on which data center serves information to the user. The results may also change constantly as the users click through one page to another. The amazing thing about this tool is the fact that it accords you an opportunity to understand whether a particular webpage has been indexed and how it ranks in search engines.