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Headings serve the purpose of structuring a Webpage’s textual content and form an important factor in on-page SEO. The heading tags mostly considered are the h1, h2 and h3 in the respective order of importance. Basically six levels of heading tags exist, from h1 to h6. The h1 tag should always contain the primary subject of the page; hence it is recommended that only a single h1 tag be used in a webpage.

The header tags are used for communication purposes with the search engine, as the latter uses the header tags to identify what a webpage is basically all about. The tags help in supporting the overall theme or purpose which your webpage serves. A god SEO practice is putting your main keywords in the header tags of your page. When implementing the header tags, it is also recommended that you follow the order of the tags, that is, from h1 all the way to h6 as they form a hierarchy. If you skip any, for instance, from h1 to h3, the heading structure will be disrupted and that is not good for on-page SEO.

HTML headings checker is a free online tool that is used to analyze the main information of a webpage URL. The tool works in an effective manner to identify if there are proper header tags in your webpage. Simply enter your webpage URL in the form and click the submit button.