Keyword Elite 2.0 Review

Keyword Elite 2.0 Review

Review of: Keyword Elite

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On January 18, 2016
Last modified:February 14, 2016


Keyword Elite, developed by Brad Callen is an advanced PPC and SEO software that helps you find profitable keywords in any niche.

Keyword elite is one of the most useful PPC tools in the market today. SEO marketers like it because it combines several tools in one.

Keyword Surge

This tool allows the user to create keyword lists. One simply enters a seed keyword. Selects the databases that should be searched and selects the maximum number of keywords that should be returned. One can select from such databases as, Word Tracker, the Keyword Elite Engine and the Google Keyword Tool. One can sort or filter the results by column, or automatically add words at the beginning or end of the keyword. The keyword lists can then either be exported or imported in text files, or sent to other tools in the Keyword Elite 2.0.

Keyword Elite 2.0 reviews

Market research sleuth

Through this tool, one can analyze keyword lists on the three major PPC search engines MSN AdCenter, Yahoo Search marketing and Google Adwords. The tool will provide an overview of the number of competing ad campaigns for the keyword, a list which could be very expansive. It also gives an overview of the estimated number of ad clicks. This gives an indication of the level of traffic one can expect from a given keyword. It is also helpful in giving the average estimated cost for every click, which can help one decide whether it makes sense to bid on certain keywords. It also gives an overview of all ads, including the title, description and the URL, which are displayed for the keyword.

Adwords time machine

This Keyword Elite 2.0 tool gives information about all the adwords run by competitors over the previous 6 months. With this tool one can be able to find out what the big names in the industry are doing, study and emulate their ad campaigns and landing pages, and what keywords they are bidding on. When using this tool, one gets a list of all ads run over the past 6 months on the upper part. Clicking on the magnifying glass gives a list of all the keywords they targeted. The blue squares indicate the specific months the advertiser was running ads on specific keywords.

Adwords Competition Sniper

This tool is an extension of the time machine, allowing the user to spy on their competitors and know the number of days they have been running ads on specific keywords. It works on the theory that if a user has been nodding long enough on a keyword, then they likely have been making a lot of money on it. If they stop bidding on those keywords after a few days, then they likely are losing money on them. Basically, it helps identify the keywords that have a high profit potential.

Advanced Google Site targeter

This is one of the most useful Keyword Elite 2.0 tools, especially for those running a campaign based on a content network. All one has to do is provide a list of keywords and the tool provides a list of sites that display AdSense Ads. After a few seconds, this tool returns useful parameters for every provided keyword like

  • Page rank
  • Site URL
  • Google domain PR
  • Alexa page rank website WHOIS information

Other tools include the search engine dominator, JV diamond miner and CPU magnet.


  • Presence of AdWords time machine:
    The presence of this feature on the tool is outstanding since it ensures that a user is able to have access to the Ad history dating back to 6 months including the Pay Per Click campaigns. This not only aids in understanding the SEO trend but also aids in the structuring of the keywords that will make the desired impact as far as effective marketing is concerned.
  • Keyword research tool:
    Making use of this tool enables users to have access to and customize the long tail keywords which directly impact the target market. Keyword Elite 2.0 is quite impressive with this feature since it sieves out and determines the keywords and the phrases that are effective and those that can transform the world of SEO.
  • AdWords competition sniper:
    Using this tool as the research software of choice will give a user access to the AdWords competition sniper which is a feature that ensures the usage of keywords and phrases by competitors is monitored and captured. With this information, a user can be able to create their own unique approach and keyword structure that will influence the marketing niche and bring a higher ranking and consequently generate enough and significant traffic.
  • Keyword surge monitor:
    This is one of the upsides of having the Keyword Elite 2.0 tool. The keyword surge monitor is a feature that users can take advantage of and therefore monitor the trend of keyword usage. The monitor allows a user to note as and when the keywords have a surge which ultimately directs the process of strategy change or deeper campaign to capture the target market.
  • Presence of CPA magnet:
    The CPA magnet helps users identify and keep track of the affiliates that are highest paying. With this information, it often becomes easier to structure a campaign that will bring the traffic required in record time. The CPA magnet acts as a beacon that ensures a user is able to identify where top direct the SEO campaign in order to get more traffic and increased sales as a result.
  • Keyword effectiveness index:
    A user can be able to evaluate the keyword effectiveness using the index within the Keyword Elite 2.0. This feature ensures that the effectiveness of a keyword is evaluated before it is posted and this gives a user the chance to adjust a keyword to fit a peculiar setting where it will prove to be in the frame to make the desired impact on the target market.
  • Addition of extra words to keywords:
    With this feature a user can have the capacity to create a long tail keyword or simply customize a keyword to suit a specific target market. Users can be able to add words to the beginning or end side of a keyword to create a unique phrase.
  • Mixing of keywords to create unique lists:
    Users can also have the advantage of mixing keywords to create a unique list from which they can impact the SEO world by customizing the internet marketing strategy. The mixing of the keywords eliminates predictability and brings a natural element to the keywords which makes it effectively easier for higher rankings on search engines.


  • No average cost per click display:
    An internet marketer needs to know the average cost per click to ensure they are able to run an effective marketing strategy. The Keyword Elite 2.0 tool is not effective in delivering information on the average cost per click as it sometimes displays or fails to which makes for an inconsistent setting.
  • Pricey:
    For a tool with its capabilities, it is quite pricey considering there are other alternatives with a cheaper price tag. It may be argued that the value it brings is quite advanced but the effective side of things is easily covered by varied tools in the same niche which makes it pricey.
  • Difficult for novices:
    This keyword research tool is difficult for novices looking to enter the internet marketing niche. Those beginning to learn the trade might find this tool a handful especially with the intricate user operations.
  • Presence of bugs and ineffective updates:
    This tool is characterized as having bugs and unfortunately the updates do little to eliminate the bugs that affect its exquisite performance. Most of the bugs revolve around the lack of result displays for features like the average cost per click. Developers should work to give users updates that address the problems and bugs to ensure effective user experience.
Keyword Elite, developed by Brad Callen is an advanced PPC and SEO software that helps you find profitable keywords in any niche.
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