LinkedIn Share Count Checker

LinkedIn Share Count Checker

LinkedIn Share Count Checker

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Google search engine has found excellent ways of measuring websites popularity for search engine results page ranking. Social media forms a major part of the many different determinants of ranking. LinkedIn is a popular professional marketing website which is part of the different social media platforms in use by Google.

LinkedIn share count checker is a free online tool that lets you see the number of times your webpage URL has been shared on the professional site. The LinkedIn share count is simply an indication of how much users appreciate your content and interact with it. LinkedIn has integrated LinkedIn share buttons for websites and therefore you can add a share button on your site to make it easier for visitors to share your content on LinkedIn.

With LinkedIn share count checker, you can determine your online presence to increase your popularity among many internet users. Search engines are relying more on pages that are dynamic and engaging to the market place. LinkedIn simply helps you to crowd source your link building. When you find a follower on LinkedIn, you are simply building on a team of fans that will help share your web content to the rest of LinkedIn users.

To start on your LinkedIn share count building strategy, knowledge of your current share counts is vital to give you a head start. Simply enter your webpage URL in the form and click the submit button.