Twitter Share Count Checker

As of Nov. 20, 2015, Twitter has discontinued their count API. To find the Tweet Count, you can use a service like SocialWarefare, NewShareCounts or OpenShareCount.

Google gained access to Twitter’s data stream after striking a deal early this year. There has been no information however on how the search results would look like. Google implements a highly sophisticated algorithm which determines the pages to serve as search results. To top up on the determining factor, social signals such as Twitter share counts form an integral part. This therefore means that you should focus on the number of Twitter share counts that your website has on Twitter.

Twitter share count checker is a free online tool that lets you check the number of times a webpage URL has been shared or retweeted on Twitter. Twitter share count is a clear indicator of how people are interacting with your webpage content and appreciate it. Twitter gives developers the ability to develop Twitter share buttons for websites. You can therefore include a Twitter share button on your website for visitors. The Tweet button helps your website visitors to easily and quickly share content on Twitter.

You can easily determine the number of Twitter share counts by using the free online tool. Knowledge of the Twitter share count of your site will place you at a better position towards improving your SERP’s.

Simply enter your webpage URL and click the submit button to get your website’s Twitter share count.