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Originally from India, I migrated to Australia in 2005. I have a Masters degree in Computer Science. After graduating from RMIT, I worked as a PHP Developer for 5 years before switching my career path to SEO.
I am a well rounded Digital Marketing Expert and have been in in Web Development and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) since 2007. I have worked across multiple industries as a Freelancer and for some of the Best Agencies in Australia.


I am a Digital Marketing Specialist who can help you and your business increase your visibility on the internet by finding the right online marketing solution based on your business objectives.
I specialise in helping small and medium sized businesses boost the results they see from their digital marketing.
With the right branding & digital marketing strategy, I will help your business to stand out and reach your customers.





Digital Marketing Consultant Australia – Freelance SEO Specialist & SEO Consultant in Australia

Finding a specialist SEO expert in Australia to help you out with all of your business’ marketing needs can be difficult. Don’t worry—we get it! Fortunately, though, our team are the expert SEO consultants that you need to make sure your website has been given the SEO services that it requires to perform at its very best. Don’t compromise on quality; make the right choice for your online business today and give it a boost!

Digital Marketing and SEO Specialist in Australia

Getting SEO services carried out for your website or online business is absolutely essential if it is to be performing at its best. Unfortunately, though, a lot of web developers don’t seem to realise this fact. Therefore, before blowing all of your business’ marketing budget on an expensive pay per click model marketing campaign, make sure you take the time to think about how digital marketing and SEO, as provided by an SEO consultant in Australia, could help you and your website thrive and reach new heights.

SEO is a form of website content creation. By directly optimizing the website for a chosen keyword or set of keywords, you will help to promote the website’s position in the search engine rankings. This is clearly an important goal for all businesses to consider, and so it is vital that you take the time to think about how SEO could help.

Why Choose SEO?

There are numerous different reasons as to why you might want to choose SEO for your website. The most notable of these reasons, though, is in relation to the efficacy of search engine optimization and the subsequent return on investment improvements that can be made, compared to a pay per click marketing model.

The biggest difference between the pay per click marketing model and SEO is in regards to the ROI (return on investment). While pay per click marketing has its place, of course, you can expect to get far better value for money when you choose to invest in SEO from an SEO expert.

Expert SEO services are designed to help boost your website up through the search engine rankings. In doing so, you will help your website increase its exposure to its target market—which, in turn, will help your website attract organic visitors. It is a well known fact that organic traffic is among the most profitable for a business, as these organic visitors have a vested interest in your business. Therefore, they will be far more likely to produce conversions!

Why Your Website Needs an SEO Consultant

Don’t waste money on pay per click marketing, where you’ll have to cough up for every viewer who clicks your ad. Make the right choice and invest in SEO services from an expert SEO consultant in Australia instead. Our team have the skills and experience you need to get the highest standard SEO services for your website. Why would you compromise on quality by hiring anyone else? Give your website the SEO services that it deserves today.

SEO Consultant who drives traffic that converts

In today's digital world, every business needs a strong online presence. The problem is that there are so many options for customers to choose from which makes it difficult to get their attention and drive them toward your company website. However, effective SEO strategies can help increase the visibility of your site with new leads being generated each time you update content on-site or make changes in backlink profiles as well as promote growth for your expanding business without any more work than what was originally planned!

Improve your search engine rankings(SEO)

Improving your company's search engine ranking and online presence will generate more traffic, boost the reputation of your website, help you maximize revenue for business. My personalized SEO strategies work to increase site rank in popular search engines like Google and Bing so that it can expand its reach even further on an international level allowing businesses with my services experience consistent growth.

It’s not about the search… It’s about being found!

SEO Consultancy Services

  • Keyword Research
    After the introduction of search engines, ranking high on a SERP became crucial for businesses. Keyword research is one way to achieve this by researching popular keywords people type in Google and including them strategically in your content so that it appears higher when someone searches those terms. This process helps you rank better with more targeted keyword phrases than simply bidding on broad ones like "web design."
  • On-page SEO
    Do you want your site to rank better? I can help! I utilize on-page SEO tactics like meta data, visual content and HTML source code, which make the user experience more enjoyable. Your clients will love how it improves their browsing experience while simultaneously boosting your rankings in search engines due to increased relevance for keywords used with queries.
  • Off-page SEO
    Search engines are in a constant battle to provide the best results for their users. This is why they consider off-page SEO factors such as link building and social media advertising while ranking search engine sites. If you want your site to rank high, then an effective strategy would be strong off-page SEO tactics such as creating links from other websites or running ads on Facebook that will drive traffic back to our website! Search engines like Google have evolved over time, constantly changing so that they can offer people with what gives them maximum value--that's why it considers things like linkbuilding and social media marketing when deciding how good of a result it should give someone who searches something online; these techniques not only help boost one's rankings in organic searches but
  • Technical SEO
    SEO is often overlooked by business owners, which can result in costly consequences. Luckily for you, there are technical SEO services that work to optimize specific aspects of your company's website like URL structure and mobile friendliness-- factors search engines use when establishing site rankings! The best way to ensure a positive return on investment with minimal risk is through hiring the right team for the job. In this case, it means bringing on board professional techies who specialize in optimizing certain functions such as URL structures or code-based elements known to be favored by Google’s crawlers looking at ranking signals from websites they rank highly themselves.
  • Content Marketing
    When it comes to SEO, the phrase "content is king" isn't just a catchy saying - content is actually paramount. Consistently adding well-written, in depth articles and blog posts will not only improve your website's rank but also attract new visitors who are looking for what you have on offer. JH SEO will identify keywords that best fit with your specific business needs then integrate those phrases into relevant places so that they're easier to find by search engines like Google or Bing (who love juicy content).
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