4 Top Methods of Using StumbleUpon to Drive Traffic

StumbleUpon is among the top social media platforms today that can assist you to drive a lot of traffic to your website. Statcounter has often rated StumbleUpon higher compared to others such as Reddit and Digg. The key reason for this is that immediately a user likes a page, it is included in the StumbleUpon line up, and all visitors will be able to see it on their profiles toolbar. How effectively can you utilize StumbleUpon to drive more traffic to your pages or website?

The bottom-line to generating more traffic at StumbleUpon is creating top quality content. Without top-notch content, you cannot go far with any product marketing campaign. If unsure of the type of content to generate for your StumbleUpon marketing efforts, simply go to their query page and read through infographics, tutorials, or watch support videos. If your content is good for other social networks, it equally has a great chance to impress visitors on StumbleUpon. The following are 4 top methods you can use on StumbleUpon to drive more traffic.

Create organic stumbles

Most marketer and brand managers only realize the potential of StumbleUpon when analyzing their traffic. Ensure to include the badge of StumbleUpon on your content that provides guidelines for integrating different types of websites whether movable or WordPress. The badge is also available as a social media share plugins including Digg for WordPress. If followers find it easier to stumble upon the content; they will be redirected to your site.

Share content on your StumbleUpon on other sites

Once you have signed up on StumbleUpon, include the URL or a message and then send as a status update. This will connect to all other social media platforms that you operate in including Twitter and Facebook so that you can schedule and release messages even without opening them. When visitors click the link, they will be redirected back to your site and it will be reflected in the StumbleUpon toolbar so that everybody logged on will give the content thumbs up. The StumbleUpon toolbar makes it easier to share content even with other websites and blogs while redirecting all the traffic to your site.

Grow your following and share your content

As followers on StumbleUpon keep growing, make sure to generate and share posts with them directly. Though it is in many respects like Twitter, you are not assured that visitors will automatically follow you. Therefore, you have to work harder to get visitors to follow you by following them and remaining optimistic they reciprocate. StumbleUpon sends immediate notification to users notifying them that someone read their content and followed them. Remember that getting followers to share topics in your industry is not difficult. Go to the page http://www.stumbleupon.com/discover/keyword/ and change the keyword with the topic of interest. The profile will show you the level of commonness with other followers.

To increase the chances of getting more followers, take some time perfecting your website landscape by including basic info, picking topics of interest, and using catchy images. Remember that your message must be stumbled to be shared. If followers are taking very long to stumble on the content, ask a close friend on StumbleUpon to stumble it and then start sharing with all who engage with you.

Use paid discoveries

If the results are taking a lot of time, you can also consider paid discoveries to drive traffic. One of the best methods is using a StumbleUpon paid discovery where every person with interest on your topic is redirected to your site. You have a choice of 3 plans; light, standard, or premium plans based on personal or business needs. If you opt for the paid plans, all that is required is setting a new campaign and a lot of traffic will be headed to your site.

Though marketers underestimate StumbleUpon in many instances, it is one of the best methods of driving traffic to your page. Remember that similar to other platforms; you have to get top notch content, maintain the etiquette, and share with followers.

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