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If you are an affiliate marketer, you probably appreciate how challenging it can be trying to make visitors buy an item you are promoting. You need to craft top-notch & ever-green content and present it in a manner that will make visitors click the affiliate buttons. It can be an uphill task. But not any longer with AAWP or Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin!

AAWP (short form for Amazon Affiliate WordPress) is a plugin created to help drive click-through-rates. It makes it easier to net more profits using an affiliate site by automating the entire process. This post is a comprehensive review of AAWP to establish its key features, how it works, pricing, pros, and cons.

What is AAWP?

AAWP is a WordPress plugin that was designed in 2016 by a Germany-based computing expert. Since then, it has gained a lot of popularity and respect, especially in the affiliate marketing niche.

It is a flexible affiliate marketing plugin that allows you to make lovely tables, widgets, and boxes that help to make visitors to your site click through to Amazon. This implies that AAWP is indeed more than a plugin for creating links.

The plugin is aimed at helping you to improve the design, enhance user experience and increase conversions. No matter the nature of the content you create, failure to design impressive widgets and tables can compromise the ability to optimize your affiliate commissions. This is why it is referred to as the number one affiliate marketing tool in the market.

To start using the AAWP, you are required to start by signing up for an Amazon Associate Account. See the caption below:


AAWP’s popularity in the market today largely stems from its diverse features. Here is a closer look at some of them.

Product Comparison Tables

One of the methods that you can use to make your visitors click through your affiliate links and make purchases is using easy to understand comparisons tables. They allow you to compare several products and capture some details about them so that visitors can make quick decisions on what to buy. See the sample caption below:

Product Boxes

This is another top feature that looks like an Amazon Card. The AAWP boxes are professionally designed so that visitors can easily click them to follow or buy the items being promoted.

One notable thing about the product boxes is that they are customizable using different styles and templates. Just like the comparison tables, you can also alter the fonts and colors to look the way you want. Here is a sample product box.

Support for Multiple Themes

Today, WordPress has gained international repute for its thousands of theme templates that support millions of sites and blogs across the globe. AAWP also supports these themes to ensure that you can use the templates and associated short codes.

No matter the theme that looks appropriate for your industry, rest assured that AAWP will make it easy for you to use it and boost sales.

Bestseller List

In addition to comparison tables and product boxes, you can also present a list of the bestselling products based on specific keywords. You simply need to enter the preferred keyword and the AAWP plugin will generate all associated bestselling products.

When you generate the list of the bestselling products, it is presented in product boxes. This is impressive because you do not have to configure the settings twice. Also, you can find new product releases in various product categories on Amazon.

However, it is important to note that you do not have control over the products that are displayed in different product categories. To have full control, consider using the simple Product Boxes.


AAWP utilizes third-party online services for geo-targeting to allow you to redirect site traffic to nearest Amazon shop. In order for this to work, you are required to run an Amazon Associates account for every country of interest. However, there is no need to activate the geo-targeting feature is you are using the OneLink functionality. At this point, it is important to point that AAWP supports more countries compared to Amazon’s OneLink.

Sorting and Filtering Feature

If you are selling a wide range of products or a single product that is available in multiple colors, sizes, and prices, this feature will come in handy. It allows you to filter and sort items based on title, price, size and other defined attributes.

Instead of muddling all the items together, sorting them makes it easy for buyers to arrive at the conclusion to purchase easily.


The AAWP plugin is available in four plans to ensure that more people can easily access it. Note that all the plans include the core features, free one year support, and updates. When the 30-days money back period is over, the license is renewed automatically to ensure you can access features of the preferred plan. Here is a caption showing the user plans:

Pros and Cons of AAWP

While most of the things associated with AAWP are indeed impressive, you need to move a step ahead to look at the pros and cons. Here is a summary to help you make the right decision.


  • The plugin installation and use are simplified so that even newbies can easily optimize returns.
  • Offers a lot of features to identify, link and add new products to your affiliate pages.
  • Makes targeting your visitors both locally and in other countries easy and fun.
  • A great tool to help optimize returns from your affiliate marketing efforts.
  • A generous 30-day money back guarantee helps you test most of the features without risking your money.


  • The pricing is relatively high, especially for starters.


Today Amazon Affiliate program plugins are among the top methods that marketers are using to rake in huge returns. One way of simplifying the process and doing it right is using the right tools such as the Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin (AAWP) on your website.

The plugin has many features that allow you to easily identify the best-selling products and create impressive boxes that persuade visitors to click your links. Even if you are new to affiliate marketing, this tool is simple to use to can help you start making more cash faster. With AAWP, you can never go wrong.


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