Why Adding AdSense to Your Business Website or Personal Blog Is a Bad Idea

Google AdSense is among the top most used online advertising platforms. Millions of publishers use AdSense and view it as an excellent choice. However, it has emerged that Google AdSense may be doing more harm than good to your business site or personal blog. This article demonstrates why using AdSense is a bad idea for business sites and personal blogs.


AdSense progressively devalues your brand

While starting a new site can be an enthralling opportunity to make extra money, it could take some time to build a brand. In some cases, building a brand can be tough in the highly competitive market. However, once your website or blog becomes monetized, you plunge it into a path of continued decline. The ads splashing in the page make the site or blog look unprofessional and could drive away loyal followers.

AdSense is a platform for promoting competitors

Because AdSense operates as a contextual platform, all the advertisements are based on the content of the displayed page. For example, if your website or blog is about technology, ads about computers, servers, mobile phones, and other products will be displayed to your visitors. Therefore, you will be providing competitors in the same niche with an opportunity to distract viewers and take them away. Most of them will click the ads and get redirected to competitor’s sites.
Because the website or blog owner does not have control over AdSense, competitors will easily leverage themselves by purchasing sponsored ads. This will make them optimize their campaigns using your page at a lower cost while your traffic continues ebbing out. At the end of the day, AdSense will cost you more than you get from clicks on your page.

Every click on AdSense disrupts and takes away visitors

While the core intention of AdSense is making visitors to click and get the ads, the actual impact is that clients are driven from your page to another. Once an AdSense button is clicked, another window opens and the user’s mind shifts to the advert. While there is an option of getting back, it rarely happens. The reader shifts to the new ad page and within no time, you have lost the follower.

When a visitor clicks AdSense, he/she gets confused if the products do not match well with the site content. If your page is about developing websites, ads that are not close can create a lot of distraction and compromise the visitors’ attention. In some cases, it takes their minds away as they start thinking about the new items and shift focus completely.

AdSense slows down pages

When ads get splashed all over your page, you have the risk of making your page slow and hurting the user experience. Visitors who are impatient will easily visit other pages because your blog is taking too long to load. This can have a huge negative impact especially on small sites that are trying to work their way up.

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While AdSense is viewed by many websites and blog owners as an extra source of income, the inherent risk is bigger compared to the returns you get. Do not slow down the pace of brand growth that you have worked so hard to achieve. Whenever a client visits your page, you can only make him/her come back and send referrals by reading all the content. However, AdSense disrupts the clients, confuses them, and ultimately shift them to competitors’ websites. If you have not added AdSense to your business site or personal blog, know it is a bad idea.

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