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Advanced web ranking, or simply AWR, is a product for checking the rank of websites, one of the most recommended in the market by past users. It is software based, and can either be purchased on its own, or as a package that comes with the advanced link manager. It has 4 product levels from which one might choose, with nice accompanying bundle prices. Buyers can choose one of the following

  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Enterprise
  • Server

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Most people who use the product find the standard version just fine. However, those who either like local search or would like AWR to print reports for them can pay the extra hundred dollars for the pro version, which comes with printable reports, email reports and gives the user the ability to custom brand their reports. The pro version also comes with such advanced features like the ability to manage multiple users, a project manager that is more intuitive and triggers that alert the user automatically whenever anything changes. These triggers can especially be helpful to those that run automatic updates or those who run the program from a remote location. Another advanced feature is the ability to assign different proxy servers per project.

The enterprise version comes with a keyword research tool, one which offers the user the Google Ad words keyword research tool and WordTracker for those that have an API for them. With the enterprise version also comes a Google preview tool, with which one can preview results in other search engines across the world and select different locations or cities. This is especially useful for those companies that have clients all over the world.

Advanced Web Ranking Reviews

First timers will likely find the advanced web ranking tool quite daunting, especially given the fact that it has numerous features. One clever way to avoid the feature overload and the problems that might come with it is to focus on the reason why one bought the product in the first place. To begin a project, one selects the search engine they would like. The tool has thousands of search engine options, including Google Data Centers and their corresponding IP addresses. There are also many country specific tools available. After that, one selects their keywords, and can color code them for easier tracking and charting.

The next step is the addition of websites one would like to track. With keywords, search engines and websites to be tracked, one will be ready to go. On the first screen will be reports showing the statuses of the current rank, search engine rank, top sites, keyword rank, visibility, overview, keyword analysis and competition. It is important for users to realize that once they add keywords, the advanced web search tool will check site subpages automatically, looking for keywords entered.
One of the more important reports one gets from this tool is the current rank report. This shows current keyword rankings within search engines chosen at the beginning. One can select the keyword, search engine or the site to get their current or previous position, and the changes that have occurred since the last update.


  • Breakdown of SEO data:
    Advanced Web Ranking unlike marketing software provides users with a breakdown of all the data associated with the SEO campaign that they will have implemented. This gives a user the opportunity to evaluate the impact they have made and also note the niche setting that needs to be optimized further to achieve the desired result.
  • Easy to understand:
    This tool is perfect for both the beginners and experienced internet marketers since it is easy to understand and operate which makes for an important analytics software. With the self-explanatory user interface, it becomes easy to navigate and get the results needed.
  • Optimization of SEO campaigns:
    With this tool, a user can be able to optimize their marketing campaign and gain the traffic needed while maintaining a higher ranking on the search engines which is where leads are converted to clients. The optimization process also ensures that a user gains control over the marketing process.
  • Packaged SEO tools:
    This tool allows a user to have all the tools that are utilized in SEO packaged for their use. This is a peculiar advantage considering some tools usually lack some which makes individuals have to utilize third parties to get the desired features. With the tools ranging from keyword searches and analytics, a user can boast having all of them under one roof.
  • Performance reporting:
    This is one area where users can enjoy the use of this tool and this is because Advanced Web Ranking ensures that it is able to excel in reporting the performance of the marketing campaign. The tool reports on the performance of the keywords and how they have impacted the target market including the competitors.
  • Saves users time:
    The time that would have been spent in targeting the analysis and reporting is all saved with this tool since the software is able to collect and report on all the parameters of the ecommerce campaign. This gives a user the chance to focus on bettering the campaign and improving traffic and sales.
  • On-page and off-page SEO:
    This is the particular plus that people can have with this tool. Users can have the advantage of handling both on-page and off-page SEO with ease making for a tool that can be utilized on both platforms with ease. This gives flexibility in operation which enhances the chances of optimization.
  • Impact on page ranking and traffic:
    An impact on the page ranking and traffic to a site is all that SEO is about and this is the exact plus that the tool brings individuals. With it, a user can be able to impact the page ranking and even the traffic flow that their site gets which dictates the control of the marketing campaign.


  • Offline live chat support:
    This is a peculiar disadvantage that users have to grapple with when they take on this tool. This aspect not only limits the capacity of a user to ask quick questions but also limits the capacity of client support in the case of any eventuality that is entangled with the use of the software. This is definitely an aspect that developers of Advanced Web Ranking need to address to ensure they are online and ready to assist the users get the most from their pretty impressive tool.


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