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To be successful in digital marketing, you must be on top of marketing campaigns and keen on competitor efforts. SEO marketers and webmasters are in many cases required to use multiple tools to follow their online campaigns, third-party integrations, and mobile applications. This can be a herculean task because you have to deal with multiple firms and different dashboards.

A better way to do comprehensive SEO management analytics is using an all-in-one platform that allows you to simultaneously follow multiple campaigns and run real-time analytics. This post is a comprehensive review of Agency Analytics, an all-in-one reporting platform designed to help marketers and webmasters track their SEO, emails, social and PPC among other digital marketing campaigns.

The review explores what Agency Analytics is, the key features, and main pros and cons to help you understand it and make an informed choice on whether it is the right option for your enterprise.

What exactly is Agency Analytics?

In their website, Agency Analytics market themselves as an “all-in-one reporting platform” for marketing agencies. They are a reporting platform that helps businesses and individuals to generate reports and dashboards for social analytics, third-party integrations, and search engine optimization. The platform allows users to easily follow multiple marketing campaigns from the sale dashboard to save them time, money, and enhance their productivity.

Agency Analytics

This platform is a 4.7 stars analytics and reporting platform because it is very easy to use and has been tested and proven effective. For example, instead of tracking the business pay per click (PPC) and another social media marketing campaign, Agency Analytics allows you to follow them from the same dashboard.

Note that even with its extensive capabilities of the Agency Analytics, it is still very light and easy to set. For example, you can easily set up and running in less than five minutes. Whether you are new in digital marketing or have been there for years, this is one unique tool you should consider.

The Main Features of Agency Analytics

Site Ranking Analytics

This is one of the most notable features of Agency Analytics because it allows users to enable or disable various metrics so that only the targeted components are visible on the dashboard. This helps you to maintain specificity or even put more focus on campaigns that might be lagging behind.

The feature also allows you to enable more metrics such as back links, competitors, and global searches. It is this convenience that has made this platform win the affection of many SEO managers and webmasters.

The main challenge about this feature is that you cannot set it to pull out data on multiple locations at once. This implies that you cannot analyze two regions at the same time. For example, if you want analytics for a specific city like Tokyo, the tool cannot run it concurrently with another one for a different city such as Shanghai. Therefore, consider keeping the search extensive.

Site Audits

To gauge the effectiveness of any digital marketing strategy, everything must start from home. The term “home” in this case means your website or blog. If your website is not properly done, the chances are that your entire campaign could get jeopardized. To help keep your website in good health, Agency Analytics integrated SEMrush into its platform.

Using SEMrush, the platform allows you to check the health of your website and generate recommendations for fixing the identified issues. It also helps to optimize your website security and enhance its speed. Here is a list of the things you can do with SEMrush via this platform.

  • Optimizing external and internal links.
  • Identifying and erasing error pages.
  • Identifying duplicate pages.
  • Fixing issues blocking your site’s SEO progress.

Integration with Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

Today, there is no doubt that Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools are the most comprehensive in website analysis. By integrating them, Agency Analytics extends its utility by allowing you to view page views, visits, searches, and bounce rates. Google Analytics also allows you to view conversions. However, you will be required to start by setting demographic, referrals, and goals.
Remember that through you can still access the data directly on Google Analytics, using Agency Analytics can help save time because it is accessed on the same user interface and can be compared with data from more parameters.

Downloadable Reports

Like most analytic tools, Agency Analytics allows you to download reports for demonstration or further analysis. You can prepare the reports by filtering the info you want to exclude, add covers, and even include a table of contents. If you are running a marketing campaign for a client, the reports can be customized further to include recipients, date of extraction, and schedule the time to send them.

Other important features of Agency Analytics include Assigning Tasks that allow you to spread tasks between the members of the marketing team. You can also run a competitor analysis to know how effective the strategies they are using are. Then, use their insights to improve your campaigns.

Main Pros and Cons of Agency Analytics

The main advantage of using Agency Analytics is allowing users to access multiple assessments in a simple dashboard. Here is a summary of all the pros and cons of the platform.


  • An intuitive user interface
  • A highly responsive support
  • Integration with
  • Agency Integration allows you to pretest the platform using the free trial option


  • The number of keywords allowed per campaign is low especially with the basic package

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The Final take

Being able to access, analyze and generate digital marketing reports from the same point is a great enhancement for digital marketers and webmasters. This review found Agency Analytics to be a carefully designed, tried and proven option for marketers who want to achieve the targeted results with their campaigns.

What was especially impressive is that the platform can be integrated with more platforms such as Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics for more insights. Whether you are new or an SEO marketing guru, this is one platform to consider adding in your cache.


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