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Though there are very many web-based apps to assist with social media management, many of them only focus on one area or two. For example, most of them cover publishing content and moderation while others target promotions and apps. Therefore, many people are forced to get several apps to cover all areas of their social media activities. However, this need not be the case anymore because you can now use AgoraPulse.

AgoraPulse is a special social media management app that has a diversity of tools to assist you in moderation, publishing, analytics, and much more. It is priced affordably so that even small users and medium businesses can afford.

AgoraPulse application on Facebook

AgoraPulse Analytics

When you get AgoraPulse, the first thing that catches your attention is easy to use analytics section. The tools give users a view of the top important metrics provided by Facebook Insights, though in a simplified way. Besides, AgoraPulse also includes various reports that are not available on Facebook.

  • Post recommendation: This allows you to establish the best days of a week, time, and various posts that will help you optimize engagement. With this, you can schedule the right time to release posts and nature of posts to use for a successful social media marketing campaigns.
  • Average fan profiling: For any marketing campaign to be successful, it is very important to understand the client base. AgoraPulse allows you to get an average of your followers profile based on location, gender, and age.
  • Personal reach and engagement report: Once you have placed your marketing posts on social media, you need a comprehensive report success rates. AgoraPulse breaks down the extent of the marketing effort and engagement so that you can establish whether targets have been met, or there is a need to redefine the campaigns.
  • Page view analytics: This report includes a breakdown of visitation every day and a cumulative report on a monthly basis. Whether you prefer carrying reviews on a weekly or monthly basis, you will have ample data to show which marketing campaign is working and those that are performing dismally.
  • Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis: When you establish a marketing campaign on social media, the ultimate target is getting the highest possible return on investments. AgoraPulse provides comprehensive calculations of every page actions such as click, content engagement, user qualification, impression, and conversion to give precise ROI.
  • Competitor Analysis: While other analytics are very important, the one that is perhaps more crucial for those in very competitive fields is competitor analysis. This analysis helps you to understand your competitors in the industry, what strategies they are using and in which areas they outdo you.

AgoraPulse Publishing

Since the introduction of the option to schedule content straight onto the platform by Facebook, many apps that were offering this service before have lost significance. However, AgoraPulse is not just another publishing app because it allows the user to customize every element in the link such as description, images, and heading.

AgoraPulse allows the user to upload images straight into the album on their pages. In case you are running a marketing campaign for some time and want to schedule some posts, simply utilize the AgoraPulse calendar. This makes it easy to release posts after a few days as you concentrate on analytics or other marketing campaigns.

AgoraPulse Moderation

  • Ability to set individual rules: AgoraPulse has taken advantage of this area that Facebook does not have the tight tools. AgoraPulse allows you to come up with moderation rules to help automatically block certain words, keyword phrases, or links and get a direct notification when a follower leaves a comment. However, this is only effective when traffic is small and turns out to be monumental when the following becomes very large. AgoraPulse goes a step further to allow you import administrator roles from Facebook when assigning moderation tasks to various users.

AgoraPulse application on Twitter

AgoraPulse is also a perfect tool for managing your Twitter campaigns. All the publishing and reporting tools outlined above will also work very well on Twitter. However, it does not have the rescheduling ability on a click without composing it again.

Users management

With AgoraPulse, it is easy to locate the most valuable followers and classify them into the following categories;

  • Ambassadors: These are visitors who have or published links in your page
  • Engaged: These are followers who have interacted with you directly either through sending a direct message, tweeting, or mentioning you.
  • Influencers: These are high-value followers that have been retweeted for more than 20 times in a month.

Remember you can also categorize the followers using personal classification criteria.

Feed management

AgoraPulse feed works like an inbox where all social media related to your activity ranging from direct messages, retweets, and mentions are channelled. Right from the control panel, the user can respond to tweets or assign others to another person for moderation.


This is a very useful tool that assists users to get an automatic notification that mentions keywords related to your product/brand or competitor. Whenever a visitor on Twitter mentions the set keywords, you get direct notifications to understand the effectiveness of your brand. The reports are arranged on a daily basis so that users can compare properly and tell whether a brand is becoming stronger or weaker.

AgoraPulse Pricing

AgoraPulse is among the most affordable social media management tools in the market today. Their basic package that is designed for small businesses or start-ups is ideal for managing Twitter and Facebook accounts. This plan is available for $9/month and then changes depending on your needs. If you need to use the competitor analysis, the price is quoted separately. Before you can subscribe to AgoraPulse, they also provide a free trial for 15 days so that you can test all the features.


AgoraPulse is a great tool to help you prepare and follow your campaigns on Facebook and twitter. It is affordable and, therefore, an ideal point for small businesses and new bloggers. However, it has great limitations that many users always point at. Because it works well on Facebook and Twitter, other social media platforms are left out. This is very limiting because some of your clients may be fans in other social networks not necessarily on Facebook and Twitter.


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