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Affiliate marketing is one of the top online money making machines. The process involves marketing products for affiliates and earning a commission. Though it is indeed lucrative, a lot of work has to go into making the system work. You need to prepare high-quality content, market yourself as an authority in the industry, and command a large following. To make the process of affiliate marketing easy, one of the top tools in the industry is the Amalinks Pro plugin.

This post is a comprehensive analysis of Amalinks Pro to identify the main features, how the plugin works, and pricing. It also outlines the main pros and cons to help you make the right decision of acquiring and using the plugin.

What is Amalinks Pro Plugin?

Amalinks Pro is a WordPress plugin for creating affiliate sites to help you sell Amazon products. It was created by Mathew Allen who was a full-time tracker, part-time blogger, and entrepreneur who simply wanted another line of passive income via his blog.

Allen realized that trying to place affiliate links on a WordPress website was a herculean task. It took long, required the hiring of advanced developers and was very expensive. These are the things that pushed Allen to come up with Amalinks Pro plugin.

The plugin is designed to allow you to place links and widgets on a WordPress website. The developer has continued to improve the plugin by adding new features to enhance its value. For example, it is compatible with WordPress 5.0 and operates seamlessly with the Classic Editor and Gutenberg Block Editor.


To succeed as an affiliate marketer, the most important thing is being able to track those who complete purchases via your links. You need the right links and tracking system. These are some of the top features offered by Amalinks Pro that make your affiliate work easy, and indeed, fun.

My Links

When you present products to your target visitors on Amalinks Pro, the plugin uses links to provide a thread that establishes whether they converted or not. The My Links feature allows you to use different versions of links to optimize conversion.

• Image links.
• In-text links.
• Call-to-Action buttons.

The links also allow you to place the preferred content and customize them based on what your visitors want. For example, you can preview, edit content and even change the color of the links.

Search within WordPress

When running an affiliate marketing campaign, you should be able to identify products with high demand in your niche of interest. The search within WordPress feature allows you to explore Amazon products using the WordPress editor. Simply click the Amalinks Pro button on the editor and search for the preferred products either by name or ASIN.

Note that though you can market any product, it is advisable to target the items that fall within your niche. For example, a professional in the fitness niche can target items such as swimwear, treadmills, and other items that his/her followers would be interested in. This will make you become an authority in the niche.

90-Day Cookie

When people visit your website, some make the decision about the product but prefer to purchase a few days or months later. Because you helped the visitor make the decision about the product of interest, Amalinks Pro offers a 90-day cookie period. This means that once a visitor clicks your affiliate link but does not convert, you will still get a commission if he completes the purchase process within 90-days. To encourage the visitor to convert within these 90-days, you should consider running a remarketing or email marketing campaign to remind him/her about the product of interest.

My Statistics

In affiliate marketing, it is all about numbers. You need to know whether your efforts are generating the anticipated results. My Statistics feature allows you to look at the products you have added to the affiliate program, the views they have attracted, and how many visitors have added the items the shopping cart.

Depending on the statistics, you should rethink the strategies being used to drive traffic and conversions. For example, if the views and conversions are very few, it might be time to rethink the content, SEO efforts, and platforms used to market the products.


To win more affiliate marketers, Amalinks Pro has divided its user plans into three main categories. The cheapest plugin option is the Basic plan that is tagged $67 per year. This is considered the entry-level plugin ideal for starters. The other two, Premium and Platinum cost $197 and $497 respectively.

Note that the basic plan does not feature a table builder and the first two have to be renewed annually. However, the platinum plan gives you access to all features and you will never need to renew it in your lifetime. Here is a caption of the plans:

Pros and Cons

Amalinks Pro plugin has won the hearts of affiliate marketers because of its impressive features that help them easily optimize returns. Here is a closer look at the main pros and cons of the plugin:


  • The Amalinks Pro is easy to use even for newbies in the affiliate marketing niche.
  • The plugin is developed and managed by an aggressive team that is very committed to introducing more robust features.
  • It is available in three user plans to ensure that more people can access and use it.
  • With the Amalinks Pro, affiliate marketers find it easy to track their efforts through regular statistics.
  • Unlike other marketing plans, the Amalinks Pro makes it easy to implement changes to increase profitability.
  • When you purchase any plan, you are provided a 30-day money back guarantee.


  • Though the features are impressive, a significant number of them are still under development. Therefore, it might take time before their stability is ascertained.
  • The user plans are expensive and the cheapest option limits users to only five websites.

The Final Take

This Amalinks Pro review established that the affiliate marketing plugin is carefully constructed to help marketers optimize their returns by promoting Amazon products. Its design is simplistic and features make it easy to customize affiliate marketing campaigns. Though the cost is relatively high especially for beginners, the plugin is a great option that can help you to rake a lot of returns from your affiliate marketing work.


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