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One of the best methods to make money online today is through affiliate marketing. It entails promoting affiliate products and getting a commission when people you influenced make a purchase. Though lucrative, it entails a lot of work such as generating content and following back to know which visitors bought products via your influence. Amazon eStore Affiliates plugin was created to make the entire process seamless.

To help you optimize returns from your affiliate marketing work, this post is a comprehensive review of Amazon eStore Affiliates to establish how it works, key features, pricing, pros, and cons. Do not get content with low returns from your affiliate marketing work; read through the review to know whether this plugin can help optimize your profits.

What is Amazon eStore Affiliates?

The Amazon eStore Affiliates is an affiliate marketing plugin that was designed by an Elite Author at the famous CodeCanyon developers. CodeCanyon is a platform for developers that allow them to create high-quality digital tools and taking them to the market.

The plugin allows you to turn a WordPress website into a robust online store capable of selling multiple products on Amazon for a commission.

The most notable thing about the Amazon eStore Affiliates is the commitment to progressively improve the tool by adding new features and enhancing its security. Like this review will demonstrate on the features section, the plugin simplifies the work of an affiliate marketer starting from picking the right products to search engine optimization.


To deliver greater value to users, Amazon eStore Affiliates is loaded with impressive features. Here are the most common.

Amazon Content Spinner

One of the major issues facing most e-commerce stores today is duplicate content. As search engines such as Google and Yahoo insist on top-notch quality, e-commerce stores often end up on the receiving end when similar or closely similar content is posted on different pages. For example, if a store is selling a sofa set that is available in different colors, simply changing the NAMES of the colors will not help. The content will be flagged as duplicate and could even attract penalties. This is where the Amazon Content Spinner comes in handy.

This feature allows you to spin the content so that it looks original and attractive to both search engines and visitors. It is part of the On-Page Optimization that helps to showcase your content differently by changing specific words, words after a certain interval, or all words in a post. This means that you can generate top-notch content for all your pages cheaply and fast.

Facebook Integration

As an affiliate marketer, it is true that advertising your work on your blog or website alone might not be enough. You need to reach as many potential clients as possible in order to optimize click-through-rates and profits. The Facebook Integration feature allows you to directly showcase the products you are marketing on Facebook. See the caption below:

Auto Import

This is one of the new features developed to help you automatically import more products. It allows you to simply set the preferred keyword and the number of pages to import. You could even set the preferred import recurrence rates. Then, you can see the status of the imports and advance options such as publish, delete, or un-publish if an error is noted.

Remote Support

One of the areas that many affiliate marketing plugin developers have failed is customer support. However, the Amazon eStore Affiliates plugin has created a unique model of support that allows you to access prompt assistance remotely. You only need to go to the dashboard and navigate to the Remote Support at the bottom left side. The inquiries we made during the review were replied to in less than three hours. This was impressive!

Products Stats

When you are running marketing campaigns, it is important to have a clear objective and method of measuring progress. The product stats module of this plugin provides you with statistics about the products you are promoting. This means that you can easily see the hits your products got, the time they were added to the cart and redirects to the Amazon page.

Product stats feature is very helpful in preventing cart abandonment and even product retargeting.

On-Site Cart Feature

When people visit your site, it is important to simplify the conversion process as much as possible. Often, visitors get bored because they have to peruse multiple pages to get the cart. However, the on-site cart feature used by Amazon eStore Affiliates ensures that the visitor will always have access to the cart to easily pick the preferred item.


To use the Amazon eStore Affiliates plugin, there are two user plans available. You can opt for the regular license that is offered at $39 or the extended license that is tagged $189 for six months. The plans come with services such as six-month support from AA-team and quality checks by Envato. Here is a caption of the pricing plans as provided by CodeCanyon.

Pros and Cons

When you acquire Amazon eStore Affiliates plugin, the most notable thing is the diversity of the features that allows you to easily pick items and directly market them in multiple platforms. Here is a summary of other pros and cons:


  • The Amazon eStore Affiliates comes with rich features that make affiliate marketing easy and profitable.
  • The plugin is very easy to use with all features smartly arranged on the dashboard.
  • It is a unique plugin that allows you to also market your products on other platforms such as Facebook.
  • The plugin is designed and maintained by an enthusiastic team that progressively improves the features to deliver higher value to users.


  • The pricing is relatively high, especially for new bloggers.

The Final Take

To be successful in affiliate marketing, you need to take a holistic approach to products under consideration, content, and platforms of interest. Amazon eStore Affiliates helps to simplify the entire process by allowing you to easily spin content, generate a list of top products, and extend marketing to the social media. Whether you are new or has been in the affiliate marketing for some time, this is one plugin that you should have in your toolbox for more profits.


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