Beginner’s Guide on How to Get More Followers on Facebook

Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world, boasting of more than 1.39 billion MAUs, or monthly active users. With such impressive numbers, it is normal for users to desire to grow their list of followers to thousands. Some people achieve this goal by opening groups that talk about different everyday issues. Others remain with their individual Facebook accounts and add as many friends as they can manage. The latter approach might take more time. For a beginner, learning how to grow the list of followers on Facebook is crucial. This information would also prove beneficial to a business, institution or organization.

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A person or business with thousands or millions of followers enjoys popularity and does not suffer lack of credibility. If a Facebook user has more followers, he is likely to see a huge traffic to his page or website. Having thousands of followers is perfect for SEO. The first step involves opening a Facebook account. Create a business page to grow the list of followers for the specific business. Afterwards, the next step would be to focus on the optimization of the Facebook account or page. Come up with a friendly title for that page. Write an appropriate and eye-catching brief description. Post interesting and engaging content on a regular basis.

After creating the Facebook page or account, add as many friends as possible. Post the fresh and new content on the business and personal pages. Do not forget to include a Facebook like box on the business website. Including the Like box helps to link the website with the business or personal page on Facebook. Featuring the Like box on the website is a wonderful way through which to grow the list of followers organically. It is hard to grow the list of followers without posting fresh content. Sharing engaging content with the existing followers convinces them to be loyal visitors, before converting into paying customers.

Sharing links would not be useful for a person or business whose intention is to see the list of followers on Facebook growing from hundreds to thousands or millions. Instead of sharing links, learn to share engaging, interesting, unique and relevant content. People go to Facebook to read or watch what is on Facebook, and not be directed to different links. People who have learnt how to post content with lists get more likes than others who focus on posting links on their Facebook pages. Ideally, try to make the Facebook page a one-stop shop for the followers instead of taking them to different links they have very little time of visiting, opening or reading.

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Lastly, develop a habit of sharing images and videos regularly. Provide the current followers with incentives. Offer incentives to any follower who introduces a new friend to the Facebook page. The user should learn to promote his content all the time, instead of copying and pasting from other sources – no matter how credible. Facebook ads cost money, but they are an excellent solution to any person or business with the intention of growing the list of followers. Buying followers is an option worth pursuing, but not an excellent idea for people and businesses intent on growing followers organically.

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