Beginner’s Guide on How to Get More Followers on Instagram

Instagram has over 100 million dedicated users, thus a wonderful platform through which to create a network of friends and associates or meet with new people. Learning how to grow the list of followers on Instagram is not as difficult as some users might think. To grow followers on Instagram, understanding the reasons that lead users to like images or to follow others would be critical. Learning and applying the lessons learnt could mean seeing the list of followers grow by the hundreds on a daily basis. More importantly, it is possible to see the list of followers growing without necessarily following hundreds or thousands of people.

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First, understand that Instagram and Facebook share 20 percent of users. Therefore, 1 out of every 5 people on Instagram is also on Facebook. For this reason, find a way of connecting Instagram to Facebook. Friends are likely to follow a person on their Facebook list of friends whom they notice posting from Instagram. By posting from Instagram and letting the post appear on Facebook, the list of followers could grow by as much as 3 percent. By asking people on Facebook to follow you on Instagram, the list of followers could grow by as much as 5 percent within a short time.

Identify some of the popular tags and learn how to use them if the list of followers on Instagram is to grow substantially. Using such tags increases their chance of discovery by other users. A few of the most popular tags on Instagram worth using include #girl, #instadaily, #picoftheday, #photooftheday, #igers, #me and #love to mention but a few. Identify the most popular filters and use them appropriately. Users on Instagram have a preference of some photos to others, especially if these feature the right kind of filters. Some of the most common filters include normal, Brannan, Hudson, Amaro, Earlybird, X-Proll and Hefe among others.

Unlike Facebook, users in Instagram have a preference towards commenting rather than liking images. The best way to get more likes and comments is by engaging with fellow users. A comment posted on another user’s profile is likely to elicit a similar reaction the other way. Commenting on other people’s profiles or images is the best way to convert them into followers within a short time. Develop a habit of liking numerous photos and images randomly. This simple act shall produce an avalanche of response from the users whose photos and images one user liked randomly. They shall respond in kind and follow such a user fast.

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Lastly, know the best time to post an image. Try posting at different times to see the response and behavior of other users before settling on a single hour each day or on a particular day of the week. In some places, posting images on Instagram at 5pm on Monday or 3pm on Wednesday and Thursday is likely to lead to more likes and an increase in the list of followers. Posting images that speak about a particular lifestyle and carry a personal touch is likely to see the list of followers growing substantially. Combining different images into a single image has also proven very effective in adding followers.


Infographic from Jeff Bullas blog post

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