Best Affiliate Tracking Management Software for Bloggers and Marketers

When you have created a landing page and ready to launch a new product or service, it is no doubt a great milestone to be celebrated. Notably, your marketing campaign shifts to a different phase where you need real-time analysis and regular update to keep traffic, sales, and conversions.

As you ponder the next move to take the market campaign a step higher, think of the top influential people who command a lot of audiences in various niches and ready to try new products, promote them, and bring all the masses to your page. Today bloggers have rated the source of most trusted online info for consumers in the market today. Therefore, what you need to think about is an enthralling affiliate marketing program, of your own. Here, you can invite bloggers to your niche area to test the latest products or services.

For both parties, it is a win-win score because your service is promoted vigorously at no extra cost and the affiliates get a commission for every refer that translates to sale. Therefore, you leave the bloggers and affiliates to do the heavy lifting and funnel all profits to your account. The bloggers are, therefore, brand ambassadors that will ensure your page sustain high traffic and profits are optimized.

Therefore, the most important point is where to start when creating an effective affiliate program. It is at this point that you need to get the right apps to start, get more organized, and identify the best affiliates in your area of interest. Here are five most useful affiliate tracking management tools to assist you.


This affiliate software has won the title of the most trusted affiliate tracking and management app. It has great tools that will take your marketing to the next level when it comes to referrals. You are sure to create an affiliate program whether for an off-shore store or online store including a rewarding option for all promoters.

Main Omnistar tools:

  • Customer feedback surveying tools to help gauge their satisfaction
  • Content manager to follow with various campaigns you hold online
  • Coupons and discounts section that is very easy to customize
  • Social share widget to allow you share content and posts on social media
  • Email templates
  • Performance reporting tools

Omnistar is available in 3 pay plans; basic at $47.95/month, Pro plan at $97.95/month, and premium plan at $147/month.


  • The tool is designed to deliver simplicity whether you have an online or offline shop
  • It contains a large assortment of tools to promote your business such as email templates, coupons and discounts
  • Comes with a ready to use referral dashboard
  • Easy to customize payout and commissions section
  • Full time support


The main disadvantage of this tool is that it is pricey. Even for those who may prefer going for the cheapest/basic plan, the $ 38/month is still a relatively significant amount.
Despite the cost, this is the most robust and fun program to use for faster and sustained results. For those who follow Monney4Blogging, the software comes at a 20% off in every month.


This is one of the oldest affiliate tracking software that has been in operation for about 16 years. It has won a lot of trusts and is well known to most people in affiliate marketing.

Top features of ShareASale:

  • Tools for real-time tracking for banners and sales
  • Enthralling segmentation tools to assist in grouping all affiliates
  • Clickstream and analytics reporting feature
  • Merchant API
  • Feature for training webinars to assist you getting started and moving at full speed

Unlike Omnistar, ShareASale does not have a monthly fee. However, there is a transactional fee that is deducted only after a sale or lead has been realized. The monthly fee applies if you fail to remit the necessary payments from sales and leads.

Because of its great repute, you can be sure of achieving a lot from affiliate marketing. However, it comes out as a very costly option because their signup requires payment of network access and deposit of $550 and $100 respectively.


iDevAffiliate has become a reputable affiliate tracking app in the last 15 years. Its features are enthralling and include marketing tools and options, commissioning tools, metrics and reporting tools. The user is able to customize every template to fit individual focus, brand, and sales campaign objective.

iDevAffiliate further features special fraud protection tools that help to keep your efforts, links, and money as safe as possible. Besides, you can also request for a demo control panel to test whether the software is what you were looking for.

The cost of using iDevAffiliate is dependent on what you think is more appropriate. You can go for the monthly subscription set at $39 or opt for the standard, platinum, or black edition that comes with a diversity of features. For the top two plans, Black Edition, and Platinum, the user has a diversity of plugins, unlimited affiliates, zero-transaction fees, and commissions.

Lead Dvno

This affiliate tracking and marketing app is developed by Lead Dyno is one of the simplest to use and get results. It comes with amazing built-in features that make it work perfectly well with any website. After signing up, every user gets individual affiliate page to link the current website or blog and reach out to affiliates prompting them to sign up.

The page is fully customizable to allow tweaking as much as possible to get a perfect match with the existing website. Unlike other affiliate tracking software, Lead Dyno provides users with a demo so that they can review whether it has what they require. Besides, it also comes with a 14 days trial period for all users.

However, the program is equally costly when compared to others. It is sold at $49/month for the starter plan, $59 for the Biz Builder plan, and $79/month for the accelerator plan. Besides, users have to add a flat fee for 7-day support.

Affiliate WP

Affiliate WP is a very popular plugin applied in WordPress. As a plugin, it means that everything is easily managed using the WordPress dashboard. It has features ranging from affiliates performance, referrals, payments, reporting and analytics. Users are provided with complete integration with Zippy Courses, Contact forms, and over 27 e-commerce systems such as WooCommerce.
The cost of Affiliate WP is the lowest compared to the other four. They have four distinct plans including; ultimate, professional, plus, and personal plans. The most expensive, professional plan has an annual charge of $199 that translates to $16.60/month.

The plan comes with everything that one would require getting started in affiliate marketing such as email support, unlimited sites, ten professional add-ons, and 14-official free add-ons. Because it is a plugin, every plan lasts for 12 months, and the user is required to renew it. Note that when you renew, a 40% discount is provided.


The points at which you have taken the brand need to take a shift towards affiliate marketing for more traffic, conversions, and limitless potential. The outlined 5 affiliate tracking software and tools will help you map a new way to marketing and success.

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