Best CDNs for WordPress

Getting the right CDN for your WordPress is one of the best methods for enhancing the website performance. Today, everybody enjoys surfing in a fast loading website. Google and computing experts insist that websites must be fast-loading to get better ranking, attract more traffic and deliver excellent user experience.

How CDN operates

One of the best methods of improving a website performance is installing and using Content Delivery Network (CDN). The actual distance between a website server and a visitor plays critical role in determining the time required to access content. The longer the distance, the longer the wait especially when a visitor is accessing large files like videos and images.

Think of the time that visitors on a different part of the globe might take to access your company’s videos or images. The surest way to address this is using CDN. CDN takes and stores your website details in various servers positioned at different locations. Therefore, a visitor is directed to the nearest server for faster and enthralling experience. Here are the Best CDNs for WordPress to consider.


MaxCDN provides a comprehensive network with very powerful SSD servers. Their servers are positioned strategically and all related information is accessed at very fast speeds irrespective of the visitor’s location in world. Besides, MaxCDN operates with 56 partners (most telecommunication firms) in Europe, Asia and North America.


To facilitate better performance, MaxCDN delivers real time content purging, reporting, analytics, SSL and very advanced security. To enhance their clients’ experience, they also have an enthralling customer support team on a 24 hours basis every day. MaxCDN entry level includes among other things10gb bandwidth every month divided between two sites.

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Amazon CloudFront and S3

One of Amazon services is helping increase the speed of client’s websites. Amazon’s S3 allows users to access and store information in their cloud and then utilize CloudFront CDN to distribute to clients at very fast speeds.


To access Amazon’s services for free, you can select either 5GB storage capacity on S3 or 50GB storage offer on CloudFront. You can also opt to get free 2 million HTTP requests. To buy the services from Amazon, they are priced competitively. If you want to enjoy the free package even more, consider splitting your data and using both S3 and CloudFront.


WordPress users looking for high performance CDN should also consider Incapsula. They provide free plan on optimization, CDN, two factor authentication and bot mitigation. Incapsula have servers located strategically in 5 continents and promise elevating website speed with up to 50%. Their capacity is over 1.25 Tbs and keeps working on further network expansion.


By optimizing your web content through compression of files and images, Incapsula is able to send information even faster to visitors. They provide their services starting with a monthly package that include PCI compliance, Web-app security, as well as advanced performance. One good thing about Incapsula is that they offer clients a free 14 days trial period so that you can know what they have to offer.


CoudFlare is known as one of the best CDN services provider. They have 34 data centres and use the latest technology and equipment to make your site very fast. They claim that when you enlist their services, the loading time will reduce by half irrespective of the visitor’s location. Apart from increasing your website speed, they also lower server request by over 60%. Their base CDN services are free and their premium services are equally affordable.



To get better results from your website, do not let distance between your server and visitors become a challenge, get the best CDN for WordPress. Pick any of the above CDNs to drive traffic, enhance clients experience and enjoy top ranking by Google and other search engines.

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