Best Google AdSense Alternatives

With regard to the best program with which to make money online, few come anywhere near Google AdSense. However, in the event of being banned from Google AdSense, other very good alternatives are available today. Any website that believes in monetization ought to embrace Google AdSense or any of the remaining equally impressive alternatives mentioned here. The popularity of AdSense is because of the easy setup, worldwide recognition, and single account for all websites, splendid support forum and lack of payment problems. However, the many AdSense attractive features do not make the alternatives worse in any way as shown below.

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • You can signup with the most popular Affiliate Marketing networks like Clickbank or Amazon Associates and sell their products on your site.

  • Infolinks
  • Infolinks is yet another in-text advertising network. They can also be considered a good alternative if the current in-text ad network is not performing well.

  • Revenue Hits
  • It pays based on performance, which means that Revenue Hits is CPA-based. It also offers CPC and CPM models for those disinterested in CPA. Any person using Revenue Hits can focus on creation of banner ads, buttons, pop-unders and sliders to mention but a few. It pays through PayPal and Payoneer, while presenting clients with the option of receiving their pay through wire transfers.

  • Adversal
  • A very good alternative to AdSense, it is worth mentioning that Adversal is just as effective as Chitika. It is full of very good banners. Its adaptability in terms of revenue and CTR is among the most impressive features of Adversal. On the other hand, it is ideal for websites enjoying more than 50,000 page views each month. The multiple ad formats, 100 percent fill rate, and payment done using PayPal, wire, ACH and Check are some of Adversal’s greatest attractions.

  • Propeller Ads Media
  • Propeller Ads has been on the scene since 2011. Currently, it ranks as one of the largest networks. It is ideal for creating blogs that specialize on entertainment, gambling, software, finances, dating, games and videos or movies. It is ideal for websites facing a real struggle to make money in countries such as Singapore, South Africa, and India among others. Payment is on NET 30 basis.

  • Tribal Fusion
  • Prior to acceptance, the website has to boast of 500,000 monthly visitors. Tribal Fusion is awesome for viral websites, or sites that already enjoy incredible amounts of traffic. Tribal Fusin operates on a CPM model.

  • Chitika
  • With Chitika, ad customization is much easier. The fact that it is limited to contextual ads might appear a negative attraction to some people. However, the fact that Chitika works very well with AdSense is a plus. Payment is through PayPal. The minimum payment of $10 makes Chitika great for newbies. Payment via check is for minimum amounts of $50.

  • Qadabra
  • This performance-based program is perfect for publishers. The easy to use and simplified platform makes Qadabra one of the best. The pop up option and numerous ad sizes makes Qadabra quite appealing. Payment is via PayPal, which has a minimum payout amount of $1, Payoneer with a minimum payout of $20 and wire transfer whose minimum payout amount is $500.

Therefore, when in need of some of the best alternatives to Google AdSense, look no further than the examples cited here. Revenue Hits, Adversal, Propeller Ads Media, Tribal Fusion and Chitika as well as Qadabra are just but some of the most effective alternatives worth considering to avoid the monotony of AdSense.

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