Best Google Analytics alternatives for 2015

Google Analytics is all about the generation of detailed stats concerning the amount of traffic that a website attracts and the source of the traffics. It is also very useful in measuring sales and sale conversions for websites. As popular and widely used as Google Analytics might be, it is worth stating that in 2015, there are more alternatives worth using for the generation of detailed statistics. Providing detailed stats about the source of the traffic to the website, while measuring the rate of sales and conversions through alternatives to Google Analytics is no longer a dream or farfetched though, but a reality as shown below.

  • Clicky
  • This web analytics tool provides real time data regarding all visitors to the website. It has all tools that are necessary for web marketing. Through Clicky, monitoring an individual visitor and the action that he performs on the website is much easier. Clicky allows the monitoring of each individual visitor and takes note of their usernames as well as email addresses. It costs between $9.99 and $20.

  • Heap
  • This analytics tool provides real time stats. It also offers conversion tracking. It allows tracking regarding the time each individual spends on the site. The easy and non-technical set up in addition to retroactive reporting regarding various new events are some of the main special features found in Heap. It costs between $59 and $399.

  • Mint
  • As good an alternative as Mint might be to Google Analytics, what might work against it is the lack of tracking services for time that each visitor spends on the site, absence of conversion tracking and omission of funnel analytics. It does not come with a free version. The price range of $30 for each website might appear a tad on the higher side for the basic features that this tool has.

  • Open Web Analytics
  • It allows tracking of all visitors to the website at any given moment. It is not only good for tracking, but also the analysis of visitor behavior. Its main features include real time stats, tracking conversion rates and funnel analytics. It comes with a free unlimited version. It is free, thus no need to pay for it regardless of the number of websites in need of an analytics tool. Its special features include heat maps, mouse tracking and funnel analytics.

  • Piwik
  • This open-source analytics tool is a very good alternative to Google Analytics. The easy installation process in addition to the free usage are just but two of the main attractions of Piwik. It lacks tracking services for time spent on the site by each visitor. It lacks funnel analytics. However, it has real time stats and conversion tracking. Some of its special features include customizable dashboard full of plugins and the open source background.

  • aims to be the world’s simplest analytics tool for startups. The user is asked to add a few code snippets that will let kilometer know when one of the following events happens:
    Website is visited, New User Join, User Cancel, User log in, User is billed. In return Kilometer automatically creates and display important charts and KPIs that will give you the big picture of your business. The product itself is super user friendly and no coding or analytics experience is required. More info can be found on

Therefore, if Google Analytics appears too monotonous, do not worry about the lack of very good and highly effective alternatives. Some of the best alternatives include Piwik, Open Web Analytics, Mint, Heap and Clicky.

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