The Best Way to Link Google Reviews on Your Website

Have you experienced how difficult it is to get a place on Google for sending clients to read reviews? It is very frustrating! This problem arose when Google Plus was overhauled. They killed most of the features that had made it edge miles ahead of peers. One of the features they removed is the ability to show customer reviews on your website.

This problem disturbed us for a considerable period. However, reviews are the way to demonstrate you are actually delivering high customer value. They are the best way to stand out! Therefore, we never gave up searching for better methods of solving the issue.

At first, we thought that linking to Google Maps would work. But it failed. It was particularly unreliable on mobile devices. Finally, our experimentation yielded a solution that is more reliable, easy to implement, and delivers fantastic results.

In this post, we are going to demonstrate how to add links to your Google reviews and also explain where you can create direct links for clients to leave reviews.

The best method of linking to your Google Reviews right from your site

Go to Google and search your business name. Check for the card on the right written “View All Google Reviews” and click it. Copy the URL and paste it as a link on your website.

It is that simple. You are done! You now have a direct link to all your Google reviews to demonstrate how clients love your business, products, and everything about it.

Note! If you fail to see the card on the right side that gives the business reviews link after searching for the company, consider making the search more specific. There are times when companies use generic names which make the cards not to show in the results.

Bonus Tip One: Include a link to allow customers leave a Google review

Just like it is enthralling to have your clients read the reviews done by others, you should also have another link to let them leave their feedbacks as well. This will grow the reviews, raise CTR, and conversions. Here is how to add the link.

Go to Google and search your business name. Check for the card on the right written “Write a review” and click it. Copy the URL and paste it as a link on your website.

You are done. Now, every customer who wants to add a review about your site will simply hit the link and pen the feedback. It is that simple and direct.

Bonus Tip two: Add Google Reviews right inside your site

This is very appealing. Including the Google reviews links on the site is very nice. However, it will be nicer if you show the reviews right on the website for better utilization of crawl budget and higher CTR. Here, you need to use an appropriate plugin such Total WP Reviews. This will get both Google and Facebook reviews right on the site.

total wp reviews

Do not let your clients go without seeing the reviews about your site. This is the best method of building a stronger brand and edging past your competitors. Besides, if they want to read, they can also leave a review. The outlined tips will grow the business content and make your brand outstanding.

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