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Bigcommerce is one among the most prolific software for ecommerce that businesses can take advantage of. The beauty with Bigcommerce is that it can be utilized by startup companies and expanding enterprises alike which means it has an increased level of flexibility. The approach that Bigcommerce utilizes in managing the online sales experience is the generation of traffic while managing a higher conversion rate of transforming browsers to customers.

Bigcommerce Review


  • Faster growth:
    Bigcommerce offers business the chance to attain faster growth through adequate generation of traffic not to mention the increased sales. The software ensures that merchants on the online platform get to scale at a faster rate due to effective marketing and sales efficiency.
  • Higher uptime:
    Uptime really matters with online sales and marketing management software. This is because every downtime leads to loss of customers and a poor conversion rate as a result. Bigcommerce has higher uptime which means no lags that translates to an improved overall experience with management of customer experience on the online setting. Higher uptime during critical times of online business is critical to the success in scaling a business.
  • Lower costs:
    Ecommerce software and management companies that provide hosting prove to have a higher cost ratio. Bigcommerce reduces the cost setting by 75% which is significant especially when considering the service setting. Bigcommerce ensures that users get to have hosting, maintenance and updates of systems which a user would have otherwise outsourced leading to increased costs.
  • Functionality:
    Bigcommerce gives user efficiency and increased functionality which are both aspects that are critical to the online business setting. Increased sales and customer acquisition are dependent on the functionality of a site and Bigcommerce offers a steady and advanced setting of both.
    Operational modules users can exploit:
    There are varied operational modules that users can utilize which are tuned to improve the personalization of the ecommerce site and enable a greater ease of management.
  • Design platform:
    Users can be able to customize the design to fit the preferred setting depending on the business and the theme desired. This is mostly dictated by the type of business be it fashion, electronics, jewelry or gift orientations.
  • Ecommerce templates:
    Users can be able to choose from varied templates which are all structured to create the best ecommerce site outlook that will appeal to customers while ensuring the business aspect is appealing.
  • Marketing and conversion tools:
    Users can utilize the marketing and conversion tools to increase sales and generate traffic while converting customers to ensure an increase in business volumes and in the overall client base.
  • Leveraging on social platforms:
    With Bigcommerce, users can be able to leverage on social channels to build sales and increase customer conversions while creating a marketing line for products.
  • Bigcommerce Appstore:
    With the Bigcommerce appstore, users are given the opportunity to increase sales through utilizing app customizations to add firepower to the marketing and conversion process.

bigcommerce pricing

With Bigcommerce, a standard user is mapped at $29.95 per month with a sales volume on the online platform of $50,000 annually. A plus user pays $79.95 per month for sales volumes of $125,000 per year. A Pro user will be required to pay $199.95 per month while a user will be offered an enterprise package if they have sales of $1million and over. These rates are revised to the current billing schedule.


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