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If you are an entrepreneur and want to bring your business online or revamp digital marketing, a lot of third party tools might be required. From designing landing pages to creating training videos, the number of third-party tools required can be confusing and expensive.

Now, it is possible to get all the tools in one package. Builderall is designed to help give website owners and digital marketers access to the top digital marketing tools. For digital marketers, the primary question is; “Does Builderall work?”

This review is a comprehensive look at Builderall to answer the main questions you have about it including; “What is Builderall?” and “Does it work?” It also outlines the key pros and cons to help you make the right decision about using the platform.

What Is BuilderAll?

Builderall is an internet marketing platform created by Erick Salgado. The platform allows both novice and experienced digital marketers to run multiple tasks such as building own landing pages, sales funnels, and websites among others.

In short, the platform provides marketing experts with web design and digital marketing tools at affordable rates. Some of the top tools in the platform include:

  • Builders for creating landing pages, sales funnels, and blogs
  • MailingBoss for designing email list and email automation
  • Videos for basic photo editing and product mockups
  • Apps for add-on functionality
  • Marketplace for managing payments and affiliate marketing
  • Webinars for running scheduled, evergreen and live webinars


Note that the tools you get depend on the selected package. For example, you can go for the standard package referred to as Web Presence Package for only $9.90/month, Digital Marketing package for $29.90/month or Business Package for $49.90/month.

The business package comes with no or very few limitations. For example, the standard package only provides premium local hosting while the business package offers additional CDN hosting.

How Does Builderall Work?

To get started at Builderall platform, the first step is signing up for a user account and selecting the preferred package. Then, log in to your account to access the different features and tools. On the Builderall dashboard, everything is carefully organized on a sidebar. Take a look at the caption below:

The impressive organization implies that you can easily access the targeted feature without navigating via countless menus. To demonstrate how the platform operates, here is a closer look at the main features:

Drag And Drop Sitebuilder

To run a successful digital marketing campaign, you need to have crucial pages that help optimize results. Good examples include virtual stores, sales pages, lead capture pages, and landing pages.

In the past, creating a web page required weeks or months of learning the coding. In many cases, marketers were forced to hire web designers who are very expensive. The Builderall web builder is a HTML based tool that makes creating a web page as simple as a click. That is right.

The codes have been worked for you behind the scenes and all that is required is to drag and drop your content in the ready-to-use templates. From images to logos, simply drag to the right place and your page will be ready for launch.

Professional email marketing

With Builderall, you can easily create and automate present and new customer relationship through a professional email marketing system. The advantage of email marketing is that they are personal and are likely to help your targeted clients easily convert.

The professional email marketing system allows you to quickly develop auto-responder campaigns promptly, manage leads, and apply behavioral triggers. You are also allowed to send unlimited emails using Builderall account.

The videos creator

Builderall allows users to make animated and floating videos for their marketing. Using the animation tool, you are allowed to design expressions and characters or select from hundreds of already available characters. Then, you can publish them on YouTube, Videos and other platforms.

The floating video technology allows you to boost your authority by designing floating videos within minutes without having to hire an expensive video developer. Floating videos are preferred in marketing because they are attention grabbers, especially when used for e-book covers, mockups, and info-products.

Interactive Presentations

Builderall allows users to use the Interactive Toots to design interactive ways of communicating with site visitors. For example, you can download your work, integrate a demo into your website, and create custom URL with the presentation tool.

The SEO on-page reporting tool

The SEO reporting tool allows you to access all the info required to optimize the page, improve page ranking, and drive conversions. The reporting tool makes it easy to optimize the keywords and also teach you to do it. For example, you will be shown the reading of all the keywords and the corrections you can make to get ranked on the first page in organic search results.

Builderall Features

A Summary of Pros and Cons

Builderall has been demonstrated as the ultimate package that marketers need to have all the necessary tools for optimal results from their digital marketing. Here is a summary of pros and cons:

  • The platform makes marketing tools available at affordable rates
  • Marketers are presented with easy to use stools that make it possible to craft own top-notch marketing campaigns
  • The platform puts marketers at the helm of their marketing campaigns all the time
  • It is an easy to use platform. This makes it ideal for both novices and experienced digital marketers
  • The platform is a general pool of all tools, but might not be the best for specialized operations


Whether you want to create sales funnels or new email marketing campaigns, Builderall provides the required tools at affordable rates. The platform helps marketers to take control of their marketing efforts and achieve the targeted results.

While some users have indicated that the platform provides generalized tools, many are those who find it very useful in redefining their marketing focus and optimizing returns. If you want to cut costs and gets your hands on every marketing effort, this is one unique platform to consider trying.


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