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Every business owner wishes they could reach an infinitely more number of people and expand their audience quicker. This is especially the case where online commerce is concerned. Doing this does not have to be an elaborate, complex process, though. The key is simply to find out where one’s target audience hangs out online and put one’s content right in front of them. However, this is easier said than done. It involves having one’s target audience ask the right questions and putting the right content in front of them that answers these questions. Knowing what to do is the easy part, it is the implementation that sets successful businesses apart from the rest. Luckily, the Buzzbundle tool is on hand to guide through the industry.


Buzzbundle is a tool which is designed to make it easier to navigate social media marketing. Unlike other tools, it is not cloud based, meaning one does not have to pay monthly even if they do not use the tool too often. One can use it to manage everything about social media marketing, right from the stage of creating the account to the scheduling of social messages. One can also use it to find social networking sites and blogs where people speak about industry related topics. With this, it is easy to track the conversation and keep on top.

To get started, one needs to create a project and save it. There can be several projects set up, all of which can be managed from the menu in the right hand corner. At this point, the user must setup some specific settings like the search safety settings without which one could easily run into problems. The software can sometimes be used to scrape search engine data, and when there are too many queries, one may get captchas from Google. To begin, one should enable all the human emulation settings and in the user agents tab, select random user agents. With this done, the nest step is to add personas, pages and profiles.

buzzbundle reviews

But finding out the favored social media site for one’s target audience is only half of the story. There is need for one to find them at the right time. This is why it makes sense to have such a tool that monitors conversations. To start using BuzzBundle in the monitoring of conversations, one should add a group of keywords and pick some specific keywords which the software will then work with. It is advisable to get as specific as possible with keywords as broad keywords will not get much in form of results.

With keywords and keyword groups added, head over to the streams tab and add tabs for various social sites. One typically gets four columns, one being for Q & A sites like Yahoo Answers. After setting up the stream, hit the find buzz button and the tool will search for mentions online. The results appear as a percentage bar, which one can click for more details.

Managing social media profiles can be very tedious but with this tool, the process is made that much easier.


  • One-time fee:
    When looking to utilize BuzzBundle, a user is only required to make a one-time payment which will cover the usage period for the entire period of use. This is usually a major plus since it ensures that a user does not undergo costs that normally end up inflating the cost of internet marketing.
  • Tracking competition:
    This is one of the strongholds of this tool as it is well equipped to target competition in the niche of operation and identify the strategies that the competitors are using to get an upper hand. Tracking of the competition allows a user to stay ahead of the competition by identifying the approaches they are using in the social media circles and adjusting accordingly to get the best possible angle for success in ecommerce.
  • Saving history of social platforms:
    This is another important upside that users have to take into account. With this tool, individuals can effectively save the history of the social platforms that have been used and those that have the most impact in the marketing campaign. This allows a user to evaluate the best strategy to utilize with the social platforms thereby building the perfect orientation of the marketing process.
  • Usage of proxy to post from different locations:
    Another major advantage to enjoy with this tool since users can be able to easily post from varied locations using proxy variations. This ensures that a user is able to constantly monitor the effect of social media through posting in varied designs which are bound to capture the attention of readers on the platforms.
  • Tracking brand mentions:
    This stands as one of the upsides that blows the other tools in the niche away. Tracking brand mentions ensures that a user can have the ability to monitor the effect their campaign has had through the mentions that have been made on the same. Tracking the mentions is what builds a steady plan of operation in terms of planning the next step in ecommerce. With this feature, an individual can effectively identify the ranges that they are getting the upper hand over their competition.
  • Connecting all social profiles:
    With BuzzBundle, a user can be able to integrate all the social profiles into one setting from where they can effectively control the same with ease including Pinterest, Google+, Facebook and Twitter. This is an aspect that gives a user quality control and management efficiency when targeting social media marketing. with this aspect in play, a user can also have the capacity to post to the different profiles with ease and without having to single out every social profile.
  • Customizable working area:
    This tool facilitates an operational module where a user gets to customize their working area and hence create the orientations that work for them perfectly. This provides a user with operational control not to mention the aspect of ease of service.
  • Link shortening:
    With BuzzBundle, users can have the chance to shorten links thereby creating a perfect scenario when it comes to linkages and URL structuring.


  • Software based:
    This tool is software based which means that operational autonomy is limited and this may be a disadvantage to some individuals who require autonomy in building marketing campaigns.
  • No guide:
    This tool lacks a guide that can give users a walkthrough detailing the operational modules.


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