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Content management and online shopping systems have become part of our daily business world as common contents are being accessed via several URLs. Canonical URLs are those URLs that you want your website visitors to see. The idea of canonicalization simply describes how your website can use URLs that are slightly different for the same webpage. For instance, and display the same content, but their URLs are totally different. When such a situation occurs, the search engine might be confused as to which URL to use for displaying content in the results page.

Although the above system makes it easier to develop and dispense content, problems might arise when people use the search engine to reach your website. When there are varying URLs that lead to a page, it might be difficult to obtain consolidated metrics for a particular content.

In order to address the above and many other issues that come with multiple URLs, it is recommended that you define a canonical URL for your content which is available via different URLS. With the free online canonical URL checker, you can easily find out the pages which should be indexed by the search engine based on the canonical location.

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