Googlebot, BingBot, MSNBot IP Addresses

Comment if you have any suggestions to improve this list. Google: Googlebot to to to to to to to Bing: BingBot to to to to to MSN Search / Live Search: … Read more

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Are No Search Volume Keywords Worth Targeting for SEO?

no search volume

An Introduction to Keyword Search Volume What is “keyword search volume”? Keyword Search Volume, in the most basic sense, is the number of searches for a specific keyword in a specific timeframe. It gives SEO experts, marketers and people alike an idea on how competent a keyword and how much volume it brings in a … Read more

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Appstore SEO: A Complete App Store Optimization Guide

Appstore SEO

The mobile app space has burgeoned into a multibillion-dollar niche in about ten years. In 2012, studies done on the app space revealed there are about 1.2 billion mobile app users across the globe. With the niche being expected to grow at a rate of 29.8% in the subsequent years, the battle to get noticed … Read more

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What kind of SEO changes can we expect in 2017 and 2018?

Although there are SEOs who think that the last few years were rather uneventful (link building is still in the center of attention) there are a lot of indications that the profession as a whole will change. Now, I am not necessarily saying that links will lose their value. However, introduction of RankBrain shows us … Read more

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The Best Way to Link Google Reviews on Your Website

Link Google Reviews on Your Website

Have you experienced how difficult it is to get a place on Google for sending clients to read reviews? It is very frustrating! This problem arose when Google Plus was overhauled. They killed most of the features that had made it edge miles ahead of peers. One of the features they removed is the ability … Read more

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How to Find Your Google Places ID?

It is not uncommon to find people giving up because they cannot locate their business ID. Many questions start running through their head. Am I doing it right? Is something wrong? What should I do differently? Here are the tricks to apply. The standard method (though somehow unreliable) Many webmasters consider this as the standard … Read more

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Avoiding Duplicate Content in Magento

avoid duplicate content in magento

Magento is one of the top open e-commerce platforms with a very large number of users. However, it depicts one particular weakness; duplicate pages via multiple URLs. Contrary to what many people believe, you will not get slapped with a penalty by Google because your content is on a different and functional website. However, duplicate … Read more

Benefits of Live Chat for Your Business

One of the most important components in any business is the target audience. How you connect with the target audience is very important because it defines a brand and builds on their loyalty. While there are many channels of communicating with the target audience and clients, one of them remains outstanding; the live chart. Live … Read more

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How to Submit A Disavow File in Google Search Console

Submit A Disavow File in Google Search Console

If your site is having a lot of poor domains linking to it, the best way to address it is using the Google Search Console’s Disavow tool. The role of backlinks cannot be overemphasized. Good links help to build a website’s authority and improve ranking. Even as top quality links work to strengthen a website, … Read more

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