How to migrate your website from HTTP to HTTPs

migrate your website from HTTP to HTTPs

Moving your website from HTTP to HTTPS hold the key to the better performance of your website, faster access, and enhanced customer experience. Recently, Google has been pushing for use of HTTPS because it is safer and builds reliability. However, many are the people who have been asking about the right process to follow when … Read more

How to Setup AMP in your WordPress Blog

wordpress accelerated mobile pages

AMP (accelerated mobile pages) is a concept that Google and other top search engines are insisting on so much to prioritize mobile search. With accelerated mobile pages, web pages are able to load very fast when viewed using mobile devices. For visitors, the pages they see are deconstructed and lack the pomp common in ordinary … Read more

Mobile vs Responsive Website

Difference between mobile and responsive site

Within next 2 or 3 years, it would be suicidal for any website design to focus purely on customers who access or open them from desktop computers. The world is moving to an era where all websites must be designed in a manner that allows for easy access from desktop computers and all other devices, … Read more

How to Make Website Mobile Friendly

How to make your website mobile friendly

Nowadays, all websites have to be mobile friendly. This is primarily because of the fact that more people are using their mobile phones, instead of laptops and desktop computers to access the Internet. Therefore, when designing a website, making it mobile friendly is no longer an option but mandatory. Globally, more than 7 billion mobile … Read more

The Web Developers SEO Cheat Sheet

The Web Developers SEO Cheat Sheet

Danny Dover created the original Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet in 2008. Here is a look at the Version 3.0 of the sheet. Read the complete post here or Click here to download the complete Cheat Sheet Covered in this Cheat Sheet is: Important HTML Elements HTTP Status Codes Canonicalization URL Best Practices Webmaster Tools … Read more

The Basics of Responsive Web Design

How to build a responsive website

There is little doubt of the fact that mobile devices are preferred to PCs and laptops when it comes to browsing the Internet. The only unfortunate news is that a small portion of the Internet is optimized for mobile devices. How content appears on a mobile device should be much different to the situation on … Read more

How to increase your website speed?

Speed of your website is a major ranking factor in 2015. Also, visitors to any website need very good speeds. Visitors do not have the whole day to wait for a single page on any website to load. Even if waiting a whole day seems to be overstretching the issue a bit, the ten seconds … Read more

How does good website development impact SEO?

Good website development affects SEO and the search engine rankings. Therefore, when building SEO website, be very careful with the design stage and the entire process from start to finish. Regardless whether the website has 2 or 20 pages, the web development has to be given the due consideration that it requires. In fact, the … Read more