WordPress vs Joomla – Which is better for SEO?

Technical expertise is highly advisable with regard to running an ecommerce with plenty of SEO features. Ecommerce websites should adhere to SEO principles. The platforms on which most websites run include Joomla and WordPress. Interestingly, WordPress runs more than 61,279,000 websites. Building a perfect SEO-based website is crucial for any online business. The choice between … Read more

Tracking Google Adwords Conversions in Contact Form 7 for WordPress

tracking conversions in contact form 7

The default Contact Form 7 plugin uses an AJAX form submission. This means that users don’t get redirected to another page on a successful form submission. Instead they are just shown a thank you message within the same page. AJAX form submission makes it hard to add conversion tracking code for Google Adwords since there … Read more