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Coinspot is one of the latest multi crypto currency wallet designed with unique trading features. A user can store different coins including Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Dogecoin among others. Its ease of use compared to others has made many traders consider it the best alternative to Bitcoin. For others, it is only a matter of time before Coinspot overtakes Bitcoin. Here is a comprehensive review of Coinspot to help you understand it more and make the right decision to use it.

Major features of Coinspot

Coinspot features are carefully crafted to ensure that it fills the huge gaps created by other wallets such as Bitcoin.

  • Multi-currency support: This is perhaps the best feature of the Coinspot. The wallet system allows users to pick their preferred currencies for greater efficiency. Besides, the wallet allows users to link with most Aussie banks on the Poli system. You can, therefore, load from anywhere on the smartphone and start trading any time of the day or night.
  • Coinspot’s USBSafe: The digital wallet is preloaded using digital currencies of choice that can be stored in a USB key detailing on use, saving, security, and spending coins. This is a very effective feature to help users familiarize with other wallets especially Bitcoin.
  • The Coinspot decentralized assets: To help users make the right decisions, Coinspot provides users with a list of most traded assets for the last 30 days. The overview helps even newbies to make the right decisions on whether to go for Silver, DGEX or ALTCHAIN among other assets.
  • The Coinspot Affiliate Program: To help build Coinspot and outpace competitors, they have a very effective affiliate program. When you refer new clients, a commission will be credited to your account. Some members are earning over $5000/month.

Key pros of using Coinspot

  • Very low charges: Coinspot is one of the cheapest and simplest wallets to use. This has made it easy for more people to trade join and start trading on Coinspot. Note that the low fees do not cause the trader’s funds get stuck on the blockchain.
  • It works very well for both desktop and mobile users: While other wallets such as Bread wallet out their emphasis on desktop users, Coinspot extends its access to mobile users. More people prefer Coinspot because they can trade from any place.
  • The process of opening a Coinspot account is easy and fast: While other wallets are complex and take a lot of time before a trader can start operating, it is different with Coinspot. With just a few steps and authentication, your Coinspot account will be ready. In fact, they make professional follow-up through direct calls to confirm their clients.
  • Application in online shopping: Coinspot allows users to use it for shopping in top stores at no extra cost. This is done with a very high level of security to protect both users and funds.
  • The wallet is very easy to use and manage the funds: One unique characteristic of Coinspot is its ease of use and funds management. You can track the spending habits and maintain absolute control of the money. It will notify you as the funds get used so that one will never wake up and start wondering where the cash went.

Coinspot cons

  • Coinspot does not allow receiving funds from other exchange or wallets. This is a great limitation because you have to move funds through a longer procedure that makes it very expensive. However, the user is allowed transfer cash out; not in.
  • The wallet lacks price graphs: The only monitoring tools available are the wallet views that showcase the shares and their values. This makes drawing important decisions very difficult.
  • Though a full-on Bitcoin exchange is available, it comes at a premium: While users may join the wallet thinking they will easily trade in more exchanges, many may prefer to do away with them because of the high fees.
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  • bitcoinbob

    They have a great afilliate program too. you get 25% commission on any fees your affiliates pay for life. As coinspot charges quite high fees you can make good money.

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