Ways to Get Content Ideas from Google Search Console

Every time that we are working on a new client’s website, the first thing is checking whether the pages are working well in the Search Analytics of the Google Search Console. Here, you can review all the popular searches that drove people to the website. It is also possible to assess the website’s impressions, clicks as well as click through rates.

These factors allow you to establish whether the website is reaching ample people and whether they are clicking the results. From there, it is easy to come up with a search strategy based on what the target audience wants. In addition to this, it is possible to get new and better content ideas by looking at the search queries.

This blog post focuses on top three fast and easy methods to get useful data to draw useful decisions.

Searching for new content ideas

Assuming that your website is already added to Google Search Console, the search analytics data can be accessed by navigating to Search Analytics on the Dashboard.

Here, you want to get as much info as possible. Therefore, ensure to select Position, CTR, Impressions, and clicks. Then hit the 90 days maximum limit to get all the top pages for the last three months.

This information can now be sorted based on impressions and selecting the pages you intend to get queries. Hit every query to generate the list of specific keywords that drove the traffic to the respective page.

In this post, we will look at the keywords that only caused the website to show but rarely drove significant traffic. Therefore, check for very high impression but only less than 1% CTR. These are the queries that do not directly relate to the page’s content and are, therefore, great content ideas.

For example, if you are reviewing a page on how to ski on the Rockies, but search queries indicate people were looking for the longest skiing tracks on the Rockies, the content can be framed on the later idea.

Searching for content to update or revise

When your website has queries that hit the first page but get very low CTR, it means that the title or description might need rewriting to become more engaging.

It is advisable to utilize Excel because it comes with useful filtering tools. First, ensure to reset the report if it is necessary, and navigate to the bottom to download. Make sure to open in Excel and use the filter option.

Sort the list from the largest to smallest impressions and apply number filters to pick positions on pages one to ten and CTR of less than 1%. This will give you all the top keywords not generating any significant clicks.

For example, if a query on Dog Food is taking the site on the first page but only generates less than 1% CTR, it is very important to review the page’s outlook. You can tell the outlook of the by running a search query on the same page.

Make sure to compare the page outlook with those of competitors and establish what is more appealing in their situation compared to yours. Review the descriptions, titles, and other components to establish whether they are engaging enough. Updating these components could make a great difference.

Build content that is working

Your website will only bear the results you anticipate if the content is working. To check whether the content is okay and working, follow the excel file the way we have discussed on point two but sort by Clicks and consider CTR of over 20%.

Find out whether the theme is recurring? Establish whether there is more engaging content that can be developed on that particular topic. The data you generate ‘can help you to re-purpose the content or even come up with a string of posts based on the most popular content.


From the discussion, Search Console provides a lot of actionable data that webmasters and site owners can utilize to draw useful decisions on present and future content needs. Make sure to try your hand in the Search Analytics to see whether there are any opportunities to site issues or get new ideas that will take the site to the next level.

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