How to Create an Expert Roundup Post for Your Blog

Do you want to boost traffic, raise social shares, increase email opt-ins, and boost conversion rates? While there are very many things that will help you realize the outlined objectives, this article digs deep into one of the most important; expert roundup posts.

A closer look at expert roundup posts

Expert roundup posts are special articles that have content generated 80% by professionals like top bloggers, influencers, and industry professionals, and 20% generated by you. Even though a lot is required from you to make the post more successful, it is experts who generate them that contribute more.

Inciting method of creating content

Generating expert roundup posts for a blog is very rewarding especially when it comes to raising traffic, backlinks, and social media shares. While expert roundup posts are great for your SEO, they will deliver more than that. Expert roundup posts are crucial in assisting you to make new connections in the niche of interest and establish a blog community.

The expert roundup posts will bring a lot of credibility as well as authority particularly if the people contributing to the posts are experts in their areas of interest. With time, you will also become an authority source that every person in online marketing will be seeking partnership with. In this article, you get simple yet highly effective steps to assist you to come up with great roundup posts.

Step-by-step process of creating expert roundup posts

What questions do you need to ask?

Expert roundup posts start with a question that you direct to professionals in the industry or niche of choice. The bloggers or experts will provide answers to the questions you can utilize to build the roundup post.

A good way to get these questions is looking back and focusing on the problems that your readers and followers face. Think of a problem-solving query so that the answers would go a long way in assisting your readers.

For people in the online business or blogging niche, some questions that might be of interest include the following;

  • What are the best methods to promote new blog posts?
  • What are the key mistakes that people make when starting online businesses and what are the lessons you learnt from them?
  • What online income generating ventures do you consider the best?
  • As an entrepreneur, what are your biggest achievements so far?

Preparing and organization

Even before you can start posting emails to the targeted bloggers and experts; take some moments to prepare and getting organized.

  • Make a list of the top experts, influencers, and bloggers in the niche of interest. Though this might be easier for those who have connections with top bloggers, it equally works well with starters when implemented properly.
  • Create a database and list all those that you have contacted. Indicate how you contacted them, and the time of response to your invitation. This helps you to remain on top of everything especially if a follow-up is required for those who take longer to reply.

To create such databases, you can utilize Excel in Windows, Numbers in Mac, or other spreadsheet software. By maintaining a list of updated contacts, it makes it easy to use them in future when creating similar expert roundup posts.

Release email invitations to your selected contacts

Before flagging off the email invitations, ensure that your email campaigns are compelling enough. This is critical to making your targeted contacts take action and be interested more in what you are doing.

It is very important to remember that the bloggers, influencers, and experts in your area of interest will be getting a lot of emails every day. Besides, they are usually busy and every minute to them is extremely valuable.

The emails you construct should, therefore, not be lengthy and take a lot of time reading through. Make sure to keep them very short, petite, and to the point. Besides, you should consider including a deadline for the experts to respond so that they can add your quest on their calendar (consider 1-2 weeks deadline).

Generate a roundup article

As indicated earlier, 80% of the post will be generated by the experts or influencers and 20% by you. Therefore, as replies start coming from the expert and influencers you emailed the questions, start including your 20% part of the post. Remember that you should not stop updating the bloggers and experts list. Start your post with a short introduction and then include the participants who contributed.

When including the response from participants, commence with short titles that contain the contributor’s details (name and link to their page that has a complete profile and photo).

Finalize, publish and promote your expert roundup post

The length of any expert roundup post is dependent on the people you invited and those who replied. After the deadline has elapsed, you may consider sending a follow-up email if the response is low. Then, once you have enough replies, compile them well, proofread them carefully and then post on your blog. A lot of people will follow the expert roundup post because it presents real answers to their issues.

When you publish the post, the great fun begins at the promotional stage. Indeed, every person who made some contribution will want to promote it. To make this happen, put down another email address to all the participants notifying them that the post is live for them to read, comment, and even share. It is advisable to include a link on the email to participants pointing to the location of the expert roundup post.


When an expert roundup post is done well, it will greatly assist your blog to stand out. Also, it will be of great value to your readers because it provides solutions to problems that affect them every day. While expert roundup posts will no doubt take time to prepare, they will expand your networks, link you to top influencers, and propel your blog to great heights. If you want to get even more value from the post, you can include bonus content to motivate participants.

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