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Are you tired of contracting costly web developers to design your site, add new features, or upgrade it? If the answer is in the affirmative, you need a great site builder such as Crocoblock. Whether you are a blogger, run an e-commerce store, or you are a digital marketer, Crocoblock presents you with a wide range of tools that makes designing new sites or pages easy, fast and fun.

This post digs deeper into the Crocoblock to explore its mechanics, features, pricing, and major pros & cons. Here is everything you need to know this suite of tools to help you decide whether it is the right option for you.

A Closer Look at Crocoblock

Crocoblock is a suite of unique tools carefully packaged to help you create WordPress sites that have Elementor page builder plugin installed in them. The suite provides you with multiple site templates that you can customize to create new websites and pages in record time.

When you sign up on Crocoblock, you are provided with free Kava WordPress theme and additional plugins to spruce your page/ site. Another notable feature that distinguishes Crocoblock from competitors in the market is the Jet Plugin Pack that can help you to upgrade your Elementor-powered site.

Crocoblock link to Jet Plugins Pack has made it the preferred suite for creating power blogs because of features such as a system for publishing professional reviews and advanced blogging template. This makes it very easy to start a stand-alone blog or even linked to another brand’s site.

Main Features of Crocoblock

One of the reasons that make Crocoblock’s popularity keep growing with time is its impressive features. Here is a closer look at some of them:

Multiple Skins

The design of Crocoblock was meant to ensure it can work with most sites. The suite is loaded with more than 30 skins that cover virtually all possible topics ranging from personal to corporate. You can check some of them in the Crocoblock’s demonstration page.

In order to access the Crocoblock’s skins, you are required to start by installing and enabling the JetThemeCore add-on. The add-on will provide you the Crocoblock’s dashboard as well as its administration panel. Then, you can easily navigate to the Skins tab from the control panel.

In addition to getting access to the main skins via the control panel, you will also get access to Elementor’s inbuilt templates.

The Magic Button

One of the most notable features of Crocoblock is the Magic Button. It is referred to as the magic button because it instantly gives you access to most components of your new page or site. For example, you can instantly jump to headers, pages, footers, and other sections so that you do not need to import the template and upload to a website.

To get access to templates using the Magic button, simply open it in the Elementor editor. Once you click the button, it gives access to headers, archives and elegant pages that are accurately classified for use.

To use one of the sections, pages or headers, simply hover the cursor on it and click on insert option. It is a perfect way of adding different sections to your WordPress site.

Jet Plugins

Jet Plugins have become very popular today because they help webmasters and site owners extend utilities of their sites. In many cases, you are required to buy them separately from sellers in the marketplaces. However, Crocoblock pools the plugins together to make it easy for you to simply pull the preferred option. Here is a description of a few of these Jet Plugins at Crocoblock:

  • JetElements is one of the top add-ons on Elementor. It has about 3- widgets that include Post Layout, Portfolio, Scroll Navigation, Advanced Carousel, and Timeline. It also assists you to apply Parallax effects on sections.
  • JetMenu is another top add-on that provides you with an opportunity to create Mega Menu with Elementor. The JetMenu also allows you to apply menus created with Elementor on your pages, add more menu items, and style adjustments.
  • JetWooBuilder plugin is very important if you want to create an online store that has single product pages. Before you can use the JetWooBuilder, it is important to start by creating WooCommerce products and applying a new template by selecting a menu command WooCommerce JetWoo Template block.

The plugin also allows you to use about 15 widgets to add dynamic contents to the pages developed with Elementor. This is very helpful in showcasing product images, descriptions, rating, and related products.

Pricing Plans

Unlike other common website builder and SEO tools that price their products on a monthly basis, Crocoblock only has annual and life-time plans. Once you have selected the preferred plan, you get systematic updates and brand new plugins when available. You also have fulltime support to assist you in the case of a problem. Here is a caption of the plans:

Summary of Pros and Cons

To make your decision of joining and using Crocoblock, it is important to compare its pros and cons. Here is a summary:


  • It provides everything you need to create most types of websites including e-commerce stores.
  • Crocoblock allows you to create websites and web pages using the leading Elementor page builder. You do not need to have background experience in computing to create top-notch sites.
  • It is relatively cheap especially when you purchase the lifetime plan.
  • You have access to the leading plugins for improving or building a new site. This makes the tool more convenient than its competitors out there.


  • It does not have a monthly plan. This is a great demerit for those interested in using it for a short period.

The Final Take

If you are looking forward to easily creating leading sites or improving your current ones, Crocoblock makes the process simple, fast, and efficient. It provides you with the latest plugins in the market to help you create new sites or improve the current ones like an expert. Though it does not have a monthly plan, the annual and lifetime plans are relatively cheap. If you have an interest in WordPress websites, do not hesitate to acquire and using Crocoblock.


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