6 Top Methods of Driving Traffic to Your Website from Pinterest

A large number of marketers consider Pinterest a smaller social media platform in comparison with the rest such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Accordingly, they rarely see it with significant potential to drive useful traffic. Some marketers have often argued that it is better to work with top platforms because they have a larger following and it is easier to sell a product.

While the argument could be true to some extent; as a marketer, you cannot choose where your clients are. You have to reach them, take the message about your brand, convince them to follow you, and ultimately drive conversions. Pinterest, just like other networks, has a lot of following and your business will grow tremendously if you use the right approach to get traffic. Here are top six methods you can use to drive traffic.

Utilize the Pin-It button correctly and regularly

The Pin It button is a special plugin that that helps to create an overlay on the pictures you add on Pinterest. When a visitor clicks the pin it button, you can get a direct link to his/her board with some images. However, the images come at the header which is invisible and, therefore, not obtrusive. Pinterest users find this button fun and love using it regularly. If a user wants to share content faster, he/she can go to the lineup and use the Social Sharing button.

drive web traffic using pinterest

Engage with followers as much as you can

Every time you use Pinterest, followers who love your posts are always alert and waiting to see what is in the Pin Boards so that they can pin what interests them. The Pin Boards help you to easily see all the followers who pinned your posts so that you can engage them. To engage the followers, check what they have and Pin It too. You will gather a lot of content or your Pinterest Page and website feed that gives others hope that they will equally get bigger following. Their followers will also regularly check on you and get directed to your website for more enthralling images, useful content, and value for their time. Additionally, you can engage more followers by checking on their content and commenting on it so that they will also follow you and become part of your traffic.

Look for content with unique themes

Whenever a follower pins or comments on your post, make sure to follow back and establish what is trending. Every Pinterest follower wants to get a new thing and you cannot simply pick what is already trending. You need something new. Check for topics from trending pins, read comments, review users issues, and think creatively to come up with interesting and valuable topics. This way, all followers will be looking forward to your board and following back to your website for extra inspiration.

Get products that have Rich Pins

In Pinterest, you extend content to your website using Rich Pins. The Rich Pins allow users to pull data direct from your pages. While some little coding is required, you will find it very easy to manage pins and your website will always feature prominently to all followers. The pins help to get more accurate data for followers and redirect them direct to your pages for extra traffic. Remember to update the information as regularly as possible.

User taller images on your Pinterest pages

Unlike other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest uses a vertical format for images of 238 pixels in width and a maximum of 735 pixels. However, you can select the height of your choice. Many studies carried on Pinterest find that the longer a picture is, the greater the impact. Longer pictures give you the advantage of showcasing more information and particularly infographic. To drive even more following, carefully work on the infographic to make it easy to read, factual, and easy to load for every visitor who comes across it.

Include texts on every image

In every image, you can add as much text as you want. It is even possible to add content and treat it as an image. To drive more traffic, include real images with unique themes. Look at Images from the viewpoint of your followers so that you can add what is appealing and keep them coming back for more.


Some marketers and people’s argument that Pinterest presents less potential is an understatement. Pinterest is a platform with a lot of potential to drive huge and highly valuable traffic. You have extra flexibility with text and images so that followers can always get something new and highly valuable to keep coming back and bringing more followers. If you use the outlined six methods in a creative way, rest assured of driving a lot of quality traffic to your website.

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