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EasyAzon is a feature-rich WordPress plugin for sites that monetize with Amazon products. The plugin is designed to simplify Amazon Associates’ work of designing high conversion affiliate links right on the WordPress dashboard. It is a great method of helping you to save time and earn more when you generate Amazon affiliate links.

This EasyAzon review is a deeper evaluation of the plugin to establish its features, compatibility and customer support. The review closes by outlining a summary of pros and cons to help you make the right decision about using the plugin.

What is EasyAzon?

EasyAzon is an affiliate marketing plugin created for self-hosted WordPress sites. It was created to provide niche marketers with a simplified and time-efficient method of finding Amazon affiliate links, images, and widgets to blog post content.

The plugin was created in 2011 by a blogger and Chris Guthrie, an Amazon affiliate marketing guru. Now, it is in its 4th iteration which is an upgrade from version 3.0 by adding newer options and features.

The plugin is a unique way to increase your Amazon Affiliate commissions. To start using EasyAzon, you need to install the plugin and integrate it with your Amazon Associate Account. Note that you have to sign up for Amazon Associate Account separately to get the login credentials that include Secret Access key code and Access Key ID. See the caption below:


The most notable thing about the EasyAzon is its diverse features. Here is a closer look at some of these features that will be crucial to helping you optimize your returns.

Amazon Associates Page

This page provides marketers with an opportunity to web designers and sellers to make money by advertising products on the Amazon e-commerce platform. The associates’ page is important because it provides you with the tracking ID. You can get the tracking ID at the right-hand side of the dashboard of the Amazon Associates account. You can also get the associates ID by hitting your email address to open the Manage Your Tracking IDs page.

The pro version of EasyAzon allows you to add multiple tracking IDs. For example, if you are signed up in different countries, you can simply add them as demonstrated in the caption below.

This implies that you can optimize revenue from Amazon affiliate marketing no matter where clients to your website are coming from. Consider installing the EasyAzon in all your sites for more returns.

Multiple styles of Links

One thing that will impress you about EasyAzon is that it allows you to create Amazon affiliate links without leaving the WordPress Dashboard. But this is not all! The plugin provides you with multiple linking options to increase the chances of driving more affiliate traffic. Some of the common links include:

• Text links.
• Call-to-action button links.
• Information block links. These blocks come with CTA, prices, and images.

Note that EasyAzon provides you with the flexibility to change and add new links as desired. For example, you can customize the links based on individual reviews or set defaults in the WordPress dashboard.

Add to Cart Function

EasyAzon provides you with the option of changing links into an “add to cart” function for the user. The customer can simply hit the link and place the item into the cart. When a client uses this feature, you will be provided with a three months cookie. This implies that a commission will be wired to your account if the same visitor makes a purchase in the subsequent 90 days.
Note that the “add to cart” function will only yield commission if the visitor buys the product under consideration in 24 hours. EasyAzon allows you to toggle the on/off function for either individual links or the entire site.


EasyAzon allows you to enable pop-ups to appear any time when a visitor hovers a mouse over a product/ service link. This is a very important feature to help you grab the attention of the visitor and providing additional information. It helps to increase click-through rates and enhance the potential for more commission. The caption below shows a pop up that comes up when hovering a mouse over an Xbox link:

Customer Support

Even with its impressive performance, EasyAzon falls short when it comes to customer support. Like other tech products, you might get stuck at some point and need assistance. However, EasyAzon only allows users to seek assistance through support tickets that take about 24 hours to get replies. In many cases, queries end up not getting answers.

Pricing and Plans

The EasyAzon plugin is available in two main plans for either $67 or $47. In both plans, you are allowed to use the plugin on unlimited personal websites. However, the advanced plan comes with more features such as use on unlimited client sites and unlimited sites to flip. Here is a caption of the two plans:

Pros and Cons

To make your decision on using EasyAzon, it is important to compare the pros and cons of using the plugin.


  • The setup is easy.
  • Powerful all-in-one solution for most Amazon niche sites.
  • Offers 30-days money back guarantee.
  • Helps to save time creating and adding affiliate links.
  • It is a great way to optimize returns from your affiliate marketing works.
  • Though the price might look high, it is indeed cheap and some affiliate marketers report breaking even within hours or days.


  • Poor customer support.
  • At times, the plugin conflicts with other plugins.


This plugin is a great option because of its immense potential to help you generate a lot of returns. More importantly, the plugin keeps on getting better as the development team adjusts it to include more features. Now it is in its fourth version and the development team indicates that more features are on the way. You cannot afford to be left outside!

EasyAzon is a great option because it allows you to try it using the 30-day money back guarantee. This allows you to test most of the features without worrying about losing your cash. Though the support of the plugin is not impressive, this is one plugin that you should have in your digital marketing armory.


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