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Ezoic is a system that helps websites to improve content discovery on their platforms and raise income from their advertising. It is designed to assist websites to test their layout as well as ad locations to establish what the visitors like/ dislike. Then, the site owner/ manager can adjust different components to improve the user experience.

Ezoic was founded by Dwayne Lafleur. Lafleur shot to limelight after developing a Facebook advertising platform in 2007. The platform was later bought by Ad Knowledge. That development is what spurred Lafleur to create Ezoic that is helping website owners to establish how to get that defining line between usability and monetization.

How Does Ezoic Operate?

Ezoic places the power of Big Data in the hands of website owners and publishers and allows them to automate smart actions that guarantee a better user experience. Before you can start using Ezoic, the first thing is setting it up. In their website, they claim it takes about 20 minutes. Here is the process:

  • Start by integrating the website
  • Setup the ad testing
  • Turn on Ezoic
  • Apply for Google’s ad exchange

When using Ezoic, the publisher is in control of the ad placement as well as the number of users seeing the ad on the site. Therefore, the publisher has to set the ad places on his website. This can be done using Ezoic Google Chrome extension or a WordPress plug-In such as Ad Inserter.


The main challenge with the process is that you are required to handover DNS control to Ezoic. This implies that the publisher becomes so much dependent on Ezoic which could be risky. For example, if Ezoic technology goes down, your website could go down with it too.

Despite this risk, many publishers like the ease that Ezoic provides them in understanding things such as site speed and visitor engagement. For deeper insights on how the Ezoic works, take a closer look at its features in the next section.

A Closer Look at Ezoic Features

One thing that makes Ezoic stand out in the market today is the diversity of features that allows the website owner/ publisher to more. Here is a closer look at these features.

The Ad Tester

The main issue with ad testing today is that there are thousands of testers propping on every page. The Ezoic Ad Tester allows publishers to run automated multivariate testing with a simple drag and drop option.

Ezoic uses artificial intelligence to learn combinations that are ideal for better user experience and revenue generation. Then, it will deliver varying combinations to different site visitors.

Ezoic tests the ads based on location, density, and types of user segments. The primary goal is to understand how various clients respond to a combination of ads. This means that your site will achieve better user experience for clients and higher earnings.

The Ezoic Ad Network Mediation

When you go for Ezoic, it does not imply that you will give up on the current ad relationships. The Ad Network Mediation App works with current ad partners to help make them bid more for your website ad inventory.

The Ezoic system allows you to track the revenue from mediation partners on the Ezoic reporting interface. This implies that all the ad revenue can be viewed in one place to easily determine how the decision you make affect them.

Ezoic supports over 1500 mediation ad companies including Smaato, Media.net, Kiosked, and Sonobi.

Layout Tester

The Ezoic layout tester is a feature for running multivariate layout testing on the website. Ezoic learns the layout that performs the best with various segments and delivers a unique experience based on visitor behavior. This implies that different users will get a better user experience that guarantees more pageviews.

In the past, site layout was selected based on personal preference through pre-built themes or the contracted web developer. Though these designs might look aesthetically pleasing, many publishers rarely tested their effect on UX. Now, you have the opportunity to establish the layout that works using Layout Tester.

Intelligent Content Tester

The content tester allows you to create different variations of your content and test the version that works better for you. The Ezoic identifies the best performing content for every situation. For example, which content is better for traffic source, user behavior, the day of the week, and time of the day. This means that a visitor from Twitter might get different content from a visitor via a search engine.

Other features of Ezoic include Script Tester and Header Bidding. The Script Tester allows you to pretest new plugins and scripts to measure how they will affect your website. Then, the header builder uses machine learning to manage and optimize your header bidding partners.

The Pros and Cons of Ezoic

The most outstanding proof Ezoic is its impressive customer service. They provide tailored and friendly replies from personal user accounts. Whether you simply have a question or got stuck trying to run Ezoic, they are quick and professional in their replies. Here is a summary of other pros and cons of Ezoic:

  • Ezoic generates outstanding results. You can go from earning very little to huge revenue within a short time.
  • The process of setting up Ezoic is very simple. You can complete it in less than 20 seconds.
  • Ezoic runs an affiliate service that can help you earn more when new users sign using your referral links.
  • The web layout is simplistic but has all the features that one needs to know. The user interface makes it easy to access all features and use.
  • In addition to the main website, Ezoic also provides access to many applications such as Ad Blocker, CloundFlare, and iOS app creator among others.
  • The main challenge of Ezoic is that it requires users to handover DNS control. This means that you lose significant control of your website.


Ezoic is a trustable partner that has been in the digital marketing industry for a long time. Its impressive features have been tested and proven to work. From a closer look at the past users’ feedbacks, Ezoic is the ultimate partner that can help you to run your website based on clients’ needs.

Though it is true that the site owner loses a significant consideration of control when using Ezoic, the benefits that come with it are holistic. You can optimize content, ads, layout and most components of your website for better user experience and revenue generation.


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