How to Find Your Google Places ID?

It is not uncommon to find people giving up because they cannot locate their business ID. Many questions start running through their head. Am I doing it right? Is something wrong? What should I do differently? Here are the tricks to apply.

The standard method (though somehow unreliable)

Many webmasters consider this as the standard way of getting Google Places ID. You simply visit the and key your search for the company name.

However, many are the times when the search will fail to bring the result you want. Whether it is an issue at Google database or on the side of the business, it is very difficult to establish. However, you feel very frustrated. We have juggled with this problem for some time trying to get a reliable solution. Now, here is the best way to go about it.

The main solution

Simply follow the instructions and the Place ID you are targeting will come up in a couple of moments.

Start by searching your business on Google

Below the “Write a review” button, check for the inspect element.

Hit the inspect button

This is the same in most browsers. In Firefox, simply right-click and inspect. In Chrome, you also right click to inspect. Then, use the developer tools to reveal what is hidden.

Navigate to “data-pid as demonstrated in step (ii).

This part can be rather tricky (however, keep checking inside the “a” tag to locate data-pid). The data-pid that is highlighted in red (on step ii) is what we are after.

Now, copy the characters in the data-pid (only the data within quotes).

The code in the data-pid is your Google Places ID. Then, paste it to a location it can be located easily.

How to use the Google Places ID you have just identified

Now that you have the Google Places ID, where exactly do you use it? You can use the ID to link your reviews or allow people to do reviews about the business.

Link to existing reviews

If you target linking directly to your Google Business Reviews, simply past the Google Places ID at the end of the URL we have provided below

Once you add the ID, the link will take your clients right to the Google search results where they can find reviews about the business. Here is how it will look like;

Letting people write reviews

If you want to create a link that will allow users to pen reviews about your business, paste the Google ID after the following URL.

The link will take the visitor to the search results where a popup hits the screen for them to write a review. Here is an example of how it will look like;

Note: As long as Google does not change the way its buttons operate, this will remain a great method of getting the Place ID for your business in the near future. Follow the procedure again, and you should be able to pull the Place ID and apply them within seconds.

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