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The most crucial factor that helps to drive conversions from websites is user engagement. You need to make users signup for your newsletter, download your product, and buy your products. However, it is estimated that 9/10 visitors of most sites leave without taking action. This implies that all the effort that marketers had made to attract the visitor to your website could be about to get wasted.

However, you can change this trend by ensuring that your visitors are engaged appropriately using features such as lead forms and social media buttons. Instead of acquiring the outlined widgets for visitor engagement from different providers, Getsitecontrol provides them in one platform. This helps to reduce the complexity of having to deal with multiple providers who are likely to charge more.

This post is a complete review of Getsitecontrol platform to establish what it is and the main features. It also brings out the main pros and cons to help you make the right decision of using the platform to optimize visitor engagement.

What is Getsitecontrol?

Getsitecontrol is a cloud-based app that is created to help digital marketers increase user engagement. It is also intended to assist users to grow subscriber base, and generate quality leads. Users are allowed to add up to seven widgets such as contact forms, survey and promo pop-ups among others to their site.

The Getsitecontrol generates multi-purpose forms to allow users to customize them for business goals. For example, the subscribe widget can also serve as an email opt-in. Then, the promo widget can also be used for announcing a new blog post.

To give users extra control with the widgets, Getsitecontrol ensures they are fully customizable. This means that depending on your preference, the widgets can appear as sliders, sidebars, or pop-ups. Then, the site owner or marketer can set the trigger such as the time a visitor spends on the site or amount of scrolling.

How does Getsitecontrol work?

The Getsitecontrol works by providing marketers with a do-it-yourself platform for generating widgets for their marketing plans. This implies that instead of hiring an expert to create some marketing components such as pop-ups and survey forms, the Getsitecontrol makes it possible for you to do it on your own.

Once you have signed up for a user account, Getsitecontrol provides ready templates that you can use to create the targeted widgets. To access the platform’s features and start customizing the widgets for your site, you will need to select the right plan for your enterprise.

Here are the three main options:

Free plan

Though this plan allows users to enjoy creating great widgets and optimizing them, it comes with many limitations. For example, you can only use it on one site and lacks features such as A/B split testing and Autoresponder.
Some of the main features of this plain include scheduling, real-time statistics, frequency settings, and unlimited widgets.

Plus plan

This plan is available for $19/ month or $182/ year. It provides users with all the features in the free plan plus advanced integrations, A/B split testing and Autoresponder among other advanced features.

Advanced plan

This plan is tagged $29/ month or $278 if you opt to pay annually. It provides users with all the features in the Plus plan and additional benefits such as user access rights, unlimited views, and management for multiple users.

The main Getsitecontrol features

The focus of Getsitecontrol development team was to provide users with advanced features to help them address all their widget requirements. Here are the main features of the platform:

Exit Pop-ups

These are widgets designed to show visitors custom messages when they decide to exit a website. The pop-ups are considered highly effective because they provide the visitor with a new reason for staying on the site.


This feature allows the user to target clients based on the devices they use, browser, location, IP address, or UTM parameters among others.

Smart triggers

These features allow the user to maintain control over the website widgets behaviors. For example, you can set the widget to start or stop depending on the visitor’s scrolling action or time taken on the website.

A/B split testing

This feature allows users to create several versions of the same widget and test them to determine the one that works. Do not simply assume that your preferred widget will work; make sure to split test it to know what clients prefer.


This feature allows users to create custom messages that can be shown to people who have subscribed to your mailing list or completed your survey.

Other top features include Real-time analytics that help the user to easily follow what is happening on his site. It also includes Custom images that allow users to select images from the Getsitecontrol gallery and use them as their own.

A summary of key pros and cons

Before joining the Getsitecontrol platform, it is advisable to read through the following main pros and cons.

  • Fast and simple installation: Getsitecontrol operates on most website platforms and users do not need to have programming experience.
  • The platform uses single dashboard access: Getsitecontrol provides users with a number of light-weight call to action forms that make it simple to edit, activate and deactivate widgets in a single dashboard. This makes getting an overview and overall performance easy.
  • Offers wide integration opportunities: Getsitecontrol allows users to integrate with Google Analytics to easily track their marketing campaigns. You can also integrate with other email marketing campaigns.
  • Getsitecontrol provides users with diverse customization options: Instead of making the widget generation forms specific, Getsitecontrol allows users to customize them based on personal or business needs.
  • Getsitecontrol is very easy to use: Getsitecontrol platform, forms, and impressive customer support make it easy for users. Whether you are new to email marketing or have some experience, the Getsitecontrol is designed for simplicity.

The main con of using Getsitecontrol is that it is very expensive especially for those who want to use the advanced plan. This means that it is less ideal for starters because they will be required to pay a lot of money and even if they go for the free plan, it has a lot of limitations.


Getsitecontrol came out as a carefully thought and articulately implemented platform. The platform allows users to optimize user engagement and maintain full control of their sites.
By providing marketers with an easy to use platform, it implies that they can generate own widgets without requiring experts in web design. This coupled with flexible user plans makes Getsitecontrol one of the top options for enhancing user engagement.

Though the cost of the service especially the advanced plan is very expensive, the expected results are worth consideration. Do not hesitate to go for Getsitecontrol to optimize user engagement and conversions.


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