Google Algorithm Updates of 2014

Google Algorithm Updates of 2014

Google Algorithm Updates of 2014
NoDateUpdateNoticeable effectReferences
1February 6, 2014Page Layout #3UnknownMatt Cutts Tweet, Search Engine Land
2March 24, 2014Unnamed UpdateUnknownSearch Engine Roundtable
3May 16, 2014Payday Loan 2.00.2% of English searchesMatt Cutts Tweet, Search Engine Land
4May 19, 2014Panda 4.07.5% of English searchesSearch Engine Land, Matt Cutts Tweet
5June 12, 2014Payday Loan 3.0UnknownSearch Engine Roundtable, Search Engine Journal, Matt Cutts Tweet
6June 28, 2014Authorship Photo Drop-Search Engine Land
7July 24, 2014PigeonUnknownSearch Engine Land, Webmaster World
8August 6, 2014HTTPS/SSL Update-Google Webmaster Central Blog, Search Engine Land
9August 28, 2014Google Authorship Removed-John Mueller's Post, Search Engine Land
10September 23, 2014Panda 4.13-5% of searchesSearch Engine Land, Webmaster World
11October 17, 2014Penguin 3.01% of US English searchesSearch Engine Roundtable
12October 21, 2014Pirate 2.0UnknownSearchmetrics, Torrentfreak
13December 10, 2014Penguin 3.0 ExtendedUnknownSearch Engine Land
14December 22, 2014Pigeon Expands (UK, CA, AU)UnknownSearch Engine Land, Local Search Forum
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