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Google plus one is a button that can be put on a website. When a user visits your website and likes the services or products you are offering, they can simply click the Google plus one button to like your website. When your site receives a single like, it is counted as a plus one. Google plus one checker is a free online tool that uses real time statistics from Google to generate a count of your website’s plus ones.

The plus one system of Google came with the launch of the Google plus social site. Those users who are signed in to their Google account are able to click the plus one button to like a website. A plus one works in a similar version to a Facebook like. Your plus ones may also show on search results to indicate to users that the websites have good content worth viewing. It is a simple way of sharing amazing websites with other users. If a person would like to keep it to themselves, the plus one page can be customized to make it private.

Google plus one adds the overall website traffic through increasing the site’s attraction. When others see that a website has been given more plus ones, they are more likely to visit those sites since others have positively recommended them. It makes it easier for you to share your website with other people without having to send numerous e-mails.

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