All of Google’s jokes for April Fools’ Day 2018

Google Search Console

Google introduces a “Recrawl Now” button in the new version of Search Console which gets redirected to a youtube video. Crawl your websites now?!

recrawl now

Google Maps

Google lets you find Waldo in Google Maps. And once you’ve discovered him, you’ll get more and more games to search for him over and over again. To do so, go to Google Maps online or update your iPhone and Android apps.

google maps wheres waldo

Google Australia

Google Australia decided to redesign Google and keeping it relevant. It’s not Google, actually. It’s Googz.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud’s Hummus API matches you with your perfect Hummus. That’s something Google could do.


Google Japan made a physical Gboard that converts typing to cursive.

Files Go

The Files Go team invented the bad joke detector for April 1st

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