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As a digital marketer, one of the main challenges is crafting topics for new content or blogs. To address the problem, there are a number of keyword research tools such as Google keyword planner and Long Tail Pro that you can use. However, even these tools still generate dozens of keywords, and the user is required to sift them manually.

One tool that has stood taller than others is the HitTail. It integrates with your website Google Search Console and imports all the keywords from it. This post takes a closer look at HitTail to demystify how it works and look at its main features.

What is HitTail?

HitTail is a software that helps users to analyze the keywords for their incoming traffic. Using these keywords and advanced algorithm, HitTail recommends long tail keywords that you should use for content marketing to rank higher in search engines.

HitTail further allows users to see the keywords that generated traffic to their websites. This is crucial in planning the keywords to use for more competitive content in the market. The bottom line is being able to generate long tail keywords and guaranteeing users of higher traffic.

At this point, one might ask; “Why the long tail keywords?” When compared to other types of keywords, long tail keywords drive about 90% of the traffic. For example, instead of optimizing the word shoes, HitTail will recommend using long tail keywords such as running shoes for men.

The secret of long tail keywords is that many visitors checking on long tail keywords have invested the bulk of their time and are likely to take action (convert).

How does HitTail work?

When you decide to use HitTail, it is advisable not to look at it as a standard SEO tool. Rather, consider it as an SEO assistant that explores all the keywords and generates the best long tail keywords that can bring additional high-quality traffic.

The long tail keywords should be used on all your content to generate traffic and drive conversions. From blogs to guest posts and reviews, it is advisable to use long tail keywords to single word options.

To start using HitTail, you are required to create a user account on their website. Here are some of the main requirements for your website:

  • The site’s hosting platform must allow JavaScript code.
  • You cannot have a blog hosted on WordPress. However, private installations of WordPress are allowed.
  • You cannot register subfolders of your website. However, you can register a subdomain or top level domain.
  • They recommend that your site should have at least 1000 visits per month.

You are also required to select the preferred user plan based on personal/ business needs. Here are the three plans provided by HitTail.

You can opt for the pro plan that goes for $19.95/ month or the business plan tagged at $39.95/ month. The advanced option referred to as the Agency plan will cost you $79.95/ month. Note that if you are unsure of whether to go for the service, it is advisable to start with their trial version.

The main features of HitTail

The efficiency of HitTail comes from its impressive features. Here is a closer look at some of these features:

SEO Checker

This is one of the tools embedded in the HitTail system to help users optimize their web-pages for the targeted keywords. The checker runs a comprehensive analysis that helps identify issues that affect your page ranking.

The impressive thing about the checker is that it provides users with recommendations on how to fix the issues. For example, the checker will help to identify errors on the page and outline how to clear them.

Keyword Ideas

This feature is very crucial in helping digital marketers to get the right ideas for the content to generate and post. The feature requires users to enter terms or phrases to get hundreds of search queries and their estimated search volume.

When you use the Keyword Ideas feature, rest assured of driving a lot of traffic to your site. To get more from the feature, it is advisable to seek ideas using relevant terms.

My Hot Keywords

This feature is used to provide highly relevant long tail keywords by analyzing your website’s organic traffic. This implies that you will first need to work on the website to ensure that it is generating traffic of about 100 visitors.

Real-time analytics

Perhaps the most important feature of the HitTail service is its real-time analytics. The service analyzes your website traffic to note the search visitors arriving in real-time. It also sends the user alerts when there are new keyword suggestions. The analytics ensures that you are always on top of your website’s SEO efforts.

Pros and cons of using HitTail

Man HitTail users express the ease of using the platform in generating high-value keywords that help to drive more traffic. Here are other pros and cons of using HitTail:


  • It provides complete long tail keyword analysis depending on your niche.
  • The search results, as well as recommendations, are easy to understand.
  • It provides a free trial for users to pre-test its operations.
  • The service is easy to use for both novices and experienced SEO marketers.


  • The cost of the service, especially the agency plan is very high.
  • Most of the functions offered by the service can be accessed on Google Keyword Tool


In digital marketing, content is king. The HitTail service has been demonstrated to help users make an important first step toward creating quality content and driving a lot of following. Whether your website is new or has been in operation for some time, HitTail will give you the crucial thrust to drive more traffic.

Though the cost of HitTail is relatively high, its service proved to be worth the charges. Even if you opt to go for other keyword research services such as the Google Keyword Tool, the level of customization will be relatively low. Therefore, if you have been looking for a reliable SEO partner to drive traffic, this is one of the top services to consider.


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