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HTTP Header Check

HTTP Header Check

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HTTP Header Check is a tool designed to let users inspect the HTTP headers that the web server returns. In other words, the tool checks which response a server is returning for a requested URL. This is a great SEO tool that provides information regarding the status of a requested URL.

It is pretty easy to use. All you have to do is simply copy paste the URL in the box. After that click "Ninja Check". Here is a list of HTTP Status codes

100 Continue
This means that the request has been received by the server, meaning the client can continue to send the request body.

101 Switching Protocols
This means that the server has been asked by the requester to switch protocols. The server also acknowledges it will do as per the request.

200 OK
This means a HTTP request has been successful. The response however will depend on the method used to make a request.

202 Accepted
This basically means the request has been accepted. Though it has been accepted, it is still processing.

301 Permanent Redirect
This means that the domain has been redirected to another domain or another page.

302 Temporary Redirect
This is a temporary redirect to another domain or another page.

The page at the URL requested could not be found.

It is worth noting that using HTTP Header Checker tool is very essential for search engine optimization.