Inmotion Hosting Review

Inmotion is one of the top brands in the hosting industry. It has cut a name for being the largest independent web hosting firm in the globe. The company was started in 2001 and has grown rapidly because of its unique customer orientation in all its hosting plans. In this post, we comprehensively review this hosting service provider to assess its performance as well as pros & cons so that users can make informed decisions on using its services.
The Inmotion performance
The main task of a web hosting company is storing a company’s files on servers and rendering them to clients as fast as possible when an inquiry is made. While there are a lot of methods of evaluating the hosting service performance, we will use two of them to establish the effectiveness of Inmotion hosting.
The speed of a hosting service is very important in determining the user experience and customer satisfaction. This is not all. Speed is an important ranking factor for your enterprise. A faster loading page will help you to get better ranking and drive higher conversions.
Inmotion provides one of the fastest speeds out there. This is attributed to the fact that they use SSD drives on their servers as opposed to the spinning harddrives. They also avoid overbooking their shared servers. While other companies target netting as many clients as possible, Inmotion ensures that the servers do not carry sites at more than 100% capacity. This means that even for those who buy the shared plan, there will always be some caching ample to handle traffic spikes.
To make the performance of your website even more enthralling, their server architecture helps to deliver one of the highest percentages rates of uptime. They have a reputation for hitting 99.9% in uptime which means that their servers are rarely down. When you compare the Inmotion server uptime rates with those of HostGator and GoDaddy, the former is indeed way ahead. It is crucial to mention their fast response rates to fix issues that bring down servers. They have technicians round the clock to ensure that issues with the server are fixed as immediately as they happen.
Inmotion hosting services ease of use
Every client looking for hosting services wants to get a lovely interface that provides access to all features and operations. Inmotion targets to give users greater control of their sites so that they can customize the experience and enjoy more. They achieve this by adopting the cPanel for their backend and Solftaculous with a single click install.
Recently, Inmotion added cPanel to the dashboard so that users can access it faster without using a separate login. The one-click installer is also accessible on the control panel. The Inmotion’s easy to use design helps its clients, including first-time customers, to optimize all the features. Therefore, whether you want to follow account management, billing, or upgrades, the experience is seamless.
The main hosting plans at Inmotion
(a) The shared hosting. Inmotion has three Linux-based shared plans. You can opt for the most basic plan referred as Launch plan that goes for $7.99/month. This plan only supports two websites and a maximum of six subdomains. Other plans in the shared hosting category include the Power plan offered at $9.99/month and Pro plan tagged at $15.99/month. The last upper two plans on this group come with an unlimited website and domain support. All the shared hosting plans provide unlimited email, monthly data transfers, and storage.
(b) The VPS hosting. This plan comes with more advanced features compared to the shared hosting. The price of the VPS hosting ranges between $44.99/month to $154/month. Users enjoy top-level specs including 260GB of data storage, 6TB of monthly data, and 8GB of RAM.
(c) Dedicated web hosting. This is the highest plan that users can get at Inmotion. The plan starts at $189/month. The plan provides users with 3TB of storage and 15TB of monthly data transfers. This is way ahead of other top brands in the market such as SiteGround that only offers 5TB in monthly data transfers. It also provides a very impressive RAM of 64GB.
Inmotion security
Inmotion provides several security features to prevent hacking and loss of data. They have free remote backup services for all the accounts that are less than10GB. They also have Securi Security plugin for scanning malware and other risks. If you go for McAfee spam and virus protection option, an additional $1.39/month will be charged to your account. Besides, users can also buy SSL certificate that goes for $99.99/year and an installation fee of $25. While the effort on securing user data is remarkable, attaching a price on most services ends up raising the overall cost of every plan.
The customer support
Inmotion customer support is very outstanding. While other bigger brands such as Endurance and Network Solutions share their support to keep the cost low, Inmotion is different. Its independence means that all its support resources go to enhancing the customer services.
They have multiple lines of support including ticketing, live chats, mail support and direct phone call lines that clients can use for assistance. They also run a comprehensive knowledge-base database that provides a lot of insights into web hosting, associated technologies, and optimizing the services.
By making good customer focus and support part of its internal culture, Inmotion has demonstrated the willingness to walk with clients every step of the way. Whether the website is having an issue because of problems on the hosting side or your end, they will be there to diagnose and fix it professionally.
Pros of using Inmotion hosting
(a) They have a 90-day money back guarantee.
(b) A customer-oriented culture drives their operations.
(c) Provide very high uptime rates.
(d) All plans offered by Inmotion come with unlimited emails.
(e) Their website building software is very easy to use.
(f) They have unlimited data storage for all plans.
Cons of using Inmotion hosting
(a) It does not have windows servers.
(b) They lack managed WordPress hosting.
(c) Though advanced plans such as VPS are indeed good, they lag behind those of top peers in the industry.
(d) Most security features such as McAfee security scan and SSL certificates are billed separately. This hikes the cost of every plan.
The final take
If you are searching for a great hosting service provider, there is no doubt that Inmotion is one of them. The company has demonstrated its commitment only to deliver the best to clients in all plans. However, their cost is still high compared to others peers in the market. The cost is hiked by the additional charges required to secured clients sites and data. If you are targeting high end hosting services, this is no doubt a great option for you.

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