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Who am i?

Originally from India, I migrated to Australia in 2005. I have a Masters degree in Computer Science. After graduating from RMIT, I worked as a PHP Developer for 5 years before switching my career path to SEO.

I am a well rounded Digital Marketing Expert and have been in in Web Development and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) since 2007. I have worked across multiple industries as a Freelancer and for some of the Best Agencies in Australia.

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Shounak Gupte

My Mission

It’s my mission to surpass client expectations and deliver the most efficient, creative services. I want businesses of all sizes in any industry to be able succeed with better output at higher profitability levels while achieving their goals!

My Vision

It takes hard work and unwavering commitment to achieve success. It’s not easy, but with dedication we can make our dreams come true! My aim is for every business I work with be at the top of their game in order get ahead on internet rankings so they have an excellent chance at attracting new customers who are looking specifically where you’re taking off now or just might need what you offer soon too.

What can i help you with?

I am a Digital Marketing Specialist who can help you and your business increase your visibility on the internet by finding the right online marketing solution based on your business objectives.
I specialize in helping small and medium-sized businesses boost the results they see from their digital marketing.
With the right branding & digital marketing strategy, I will help your business to stand out and reach your customers.





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I have the expertise and knowledge you need to get ahead. I can help with impartial advice, honest pricing plans tailored just for YOUR needs — all at an affordable price!

When you work with me, I will listen to your needs and then find the perfect solution. You can count on my attention for detail as well as a genuine interest in helping make sure that everything falls into place smoothly!
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SEO Consultant Who Drives Traffic That Converts

In today’s digital world, every business needs a strong online presence. The problem is that there are so many options for customers to choose from which makes it difficult to get their attention and drive them toward your company website. However, effective SEO strategies can help increase the visibility of your site with new leads being generated each time you update content on-site or make changes in backlink profiles as well as promote growth for your expanding business without any more work than what was originally planned!  

Improve Your Search Engine Rankings (SEO)

Improving your company’s search engine ranking and online presence will generate more traffic, boost the reputation of your website, help you maximize revenue for business. My personalized SEO strategies work to increase site rank in popular search engines like Google and Bing so that it can expand its reach even further on an international level allowing businesses with my services experience consistent growth.

My SEO Process

1. Analyse

Analyse what your competition is doing.

2. Optimise

Optimise your marketing campaign.

3. Grow

Grow your business.

Expert International SEO Services

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SEO Campaign Benefits

Increase Visibility

Improve the keyword ranking of your website, ensuring that your website is seen by as many people as possible.

Increase Organic Traffic

Ensure your website is optimised in order to encourage users to click through to your website and interact with it.

Increase Conversions

Ultimately, the key reason for anyone doing SEO work is to increase the number of conversions on your website and grow your business.


  • What is SEO?
    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of improving the ranking of a website on search engines. It is an essential part of online marketing, and can help your business reach new customers. There are several ways to optimize a website for search engines. Some common methods include adding keywords to titles, descriptions, and content; creating links to your site from other websites; and optimizing your web pages for speed and accessibility. SEO is an ongoing process that requires regular attention in order to maintain a high ranking.
  • Why is SEO important?
    SEO is an important part of a website’s marketing strategy because it can help you rank higher on search engines. When people type in the keywords you are targeting, your website will appear higher in the results list. This can help you attract more visitors and generate more leads. Furthermore, SEO can help improve your brand awareness and increase your chances of being discovered by potential customers.
  • How does SEO work?
    SEO is the process of optimizing a website for better ranking on search engines. This can involve improving the site’s title tags, meta descriptions, keyword density and other elements. By optimizing a website for search engine users, you can increase traffic and potential customers.
  • How can I do SEO?
    If you want to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), you need to optimize your website for SEO. There are a number of methods you can use, and it all depends on the content and overall design of your website. Here are some tips for doing SEO: -Choose keywords that are relevant to your niche and your target audience. -Write quality content that is optimized for search engines. -Submit your website to search engine directories and indexing services. -Create effective online marketing campaigns to promote your site.
  • How long does SEO take?
    SEO is a time-consuming undertaking, but it can pay off in increased traffic and website visibility. Generally speaking, SEO takes anywhere from 1 to 6 months to complete. Here are some factors that can affect the time required: the website’s niche and competition, the quality of the site’s content, and the sophistication of the search engine optimization (SEO) techniques employed.
  • What is Keyword Research?
    Keyword research is the process of finding the best keywords to use for your website or blog. The goal of keyword research is to find keywords that are relevant to your business and will help you attract more traffic. You can use a variety of tools to search for keywords, including Google AdWords, Google Trends, and Google AdWords Keyword Planner. Once you have identified the relevant keywords, you need to determine how much exposure you should give them. You can either rank your site for all the keywords you researched or target just a few specific ones.
  • What is On-Page SEO?
    On-page SEO is the process of making your website’s content as relevant and valuable to search engines as possible. It involves optimizing your site’s title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, and other elements that can help improve your website’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). On-page SEO is essential in order to get people to click on your website, and it’s also a big part of your overall SEO strategy.
  • What is Off-Page SEO?
    Off-page SEO is a method of increasing the visibility and ranking of a website or web page by improving its standing in search engine results pages (SERPs). This can be done through techniques such as linkbuilding, backlinking, and article submission. While on-page SEO is typically focused on improving the content and layout of a website or web page, off-page SEO also includes activities that improve the website’s ranking in SERPs. This can include things like creating high-quality copy that attracts links from other websites, building backlinks from authoritative websites, and submitting high-quality articles to top authority sites. Off-page SEO is an important part of any online marketing strategy, and it can help a site achieve higher rankings in search engines.
  • How do I know if SEO is working?
    If you’re wondering how to tell if your SEO efforts are paying off, here are a few tips: -Monitor your website’s analytics. Track traffic and conversions from your keywords, and make changes to your marketing strategy as necessary to maintain or improve results. -Check for negative reviews of your business on Google and other search engines. If people are writing bad reviews about your business without mentioning your keywords, it may be a sign that you’re not optimizing well enough for those terms. -Ensure that all of the pages on your website have been optimized for search engine visibility. Make sure titles, meta descriptions, header tags, images and other elements use keywords accurately. This will help increase clickthrough rates (CTRs) and improve SERPs ranking. -Attempt to understand what makes each competitor’s webpage successful in search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • How much does SEO cost?
    SEO is a complex and time-consuming process that can cost businesses millions of dollars. The cost of SEO depends on the level of optimization required, the size and complexity of the website, and the number of hours required to complete the project. In general, small businesses with no more than 10 pages need only basic SEO services while larger businesses may need more comprehensive services that include keyword research, keyword placement, on-site optimization, backlinking and social media marketing.
  • What factors influence the cost of SEO?
    Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of improving the visibility and ranking of a website on search engines. There are a number of factors that influence the cost of SEO, including the nature and scope of work, the level of expertise required, and the size and complexity of the website. Some factors that may impact the cost of SEO include: -The level of expertise required: SEO experts typically have more experience optimizing websites for search engines than non-specialist professionals. This may require investing in training or hiring an expert. -The nature and scope of work: Some tasks associated with SEO, such as keyword research and backlinking, can be complex and require specialized knowledge. These tasks may result in higher costs than simpler ones.

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Here to answer any questions you might have. Even the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe and Everything!

When looking at international SEO, it is the process whereby you set your website in a customized setting so that search engines can effectively and seamlessly identify your target countries and the languages you utilize for your business. When you have a business that runs multiple websites in different countries, the way you optimize the sites is what will ensure that the target audiences are able to get the content structured for them.

Table of Contents

What does it capture for you?

International SEO lets you reach a target market by allowing search engines to sieve and identify what your niche market is. It avoids the case scenario whereby you end up with traffic or visitors to your site who are from countries not within your operational niche or speaking other languages that you cannot relate to. International SEO is a geo-targeting process that makes the content of your site relevant to only the niche market you desire, language orientation you are familiar with, currencies you want to deal with and time zones that you can service.

International SEO enables you structure your content and business service to the relevant group of individuals. It gives you the chance to avoid aspects to do with expensive shipping and inadequate client support due to varied time zones. International SEO lets you structure content especially if you are targeting multiple geographical areas that maybe speak different languages. What International SEO aids you in is the management of the content so that the search engines are able to effectively reflect the content for the specific target group of individuals when the search is made.

International SEO allows you to expand into international markets and also build the awareness of your brand and the services you are able to offer. It allows you to build the relevant traffic and increase conversion through direct targeting.

international seo strategy

How can you structure your International SEO Strategy?

You can effectively use the varied domain structures to structure International SEO with ease. There are 4 principle settings that you can take up with the domain setting:

When utilizing these sub-domains, you have to be careful since there are risks associated with each domain setting.

Sub-domain structure

The risk with using the Sub-domain structure is that there can be possible sub-domain cannibalization. This is because the sub-domain always has to take into account different languages which may become an issue. Search engines usually feature one sub-domain from any selected site when generating the SERPs even if there are multiple and have varied content. This then means that plenty of traffic may go to the undesired page which is what the cannibalism aspect is all about.

Separate TLDs

Separate domains are usually workable for decentralized businesses but the risk with it is the semantic flux. In the first instance, getting to use the same name across varied geo-locations is difficult. The semantic flux manifests when interrelated domains are present within the same Search Engine Reports Pages for a similar search which search engine fails to distinguish due to duplicated theme. What the search engine does in this case is identify them as similar content and hence provide a position for one.

Separate Language or location directories

The risk that comes with utilizing the separate language or location sub-directories is internal cannibalization. Separate language or location sub-directories only work best with websites or businesses that offer the same product or similar content over all locations. The problem with this is that the landing pages for the site end up competing against each other which means getting the right page to rank may become difficult.

When looking at International SEO, the sub-directory alternative is best suited for the process since it is easier to manage though the risk of cannibalism is still a reality.

International SEO best practices

Search engines always need to be guided as to the results they will effectively display once the searches have been performed. Directing the search engines to project the results in terms of the country or language is a process that has to be captured through:

Localize your content

In your website, you should make sure that you provide the content that has been optimized for the target market. You can use the Keywords that are localized for the content and ensure they are relevant to the target audiences. Content is the link between a business or website and it’s the users or clients. A connection has to be established which will inform and communicate and establish a relation.This can be done using the local language, time zone, contact information and local currency as this will be instrumental in allowing the search engine to sieve the results using the guidelines. In the same wavelength, users will be able to note the trend of content and identify with the orientation that will fit their needs.

Speak the local language

The key to making your content be optimized for a target audience is to literally display the content in the local language.It is important not to use translation codes or to automatically redirect visitors to a different language based on the location since they may be foreigners in the same country. Using cookies or scripts to indicate language is also a bad idea since search engines are not able to crawl such and visitors browsing the internet may not be able to effectively monitor the same. You are better of utilizing the language metatags which are able to indicate to the search engines which language your content is structured in. make use of local images, stories and case studies that users can relate to easily.

Consider site structure

Site structure is one of the effective modes of separating the country and mapping search engines with a way of identifying different content meant for the targeted audiences. To achieve, you can choose subdomains or subdirectories to structure the hierarchy so that the search engines can easily crawl the information.


Targeting allows you to use a sub-domain or a sub-folder instead of creating a different domain for the site. This allows you to decide whether you are targeting a language or a particular country. This gives you enough traffic not to mention the conversions from each country or language users.

Graphic design

With graphic design, what might be appropriate for one country or language may be grossly inappropriate to another. You therefore have to keep in mind the audience and thereby structure the graphic design to take an affiliation to the local appreciation which will in turn influence satisfaction of the target market.

Use XML Sitemaps

Using XML sitemaps is important since it is what informs Search Bots of the number of pages your website has and how they have been optimized for the selected markets. You will have to register the XML Sitemaps with the search engines to ensure the search Bot works effectively.

Other alternatives in SEO Signal structuring

There are other ways that you can utilize in a bid to direct search engines as to the intended target audience and they include:

What is the search engine point of view?

Search engines like Google are characterized as using ccTLD to get a lock on the country that is being targeted. This is to say using ccTLD can give you the results you expect in terms of customizing content for your target audience.

Although users and target audiences may have some varied idea as to what the ccTLD customization is all about, the search engine result landings are what drive the advantage when it comes to international SEO.

If you are an international organization and need help with your International SEO strategy, feel free to contact me.

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