KeyCDN Review

Website load speed is very crucial to the overall performance of any site. Oftentimes, slow speed contributes to a high bounce rate –which is not good for business. When the website loads slowly it tends to drive visitors away. There are a number of provisions you can use to speed up your site such as optimizing images, reducing javascripts and CSS files and a host of other changes. Well apart from the above there is another solution you can use to help speed up your site –using KeyCDN
Before we get into what KeyCDN can actually do let’s first explain the meaning of CDN. Basically, CDN means content delivery network; it simply means that the static files are served to your visitors on server closest to them. The content delivery network is a system composed of various servers located in numerous data centers across the internet. The end result of this transformation is that your site loads faster eventually reducing the bounce rate which translates to better conversions. There are myriad of companies offering CDN services such as KeyCDN.
Here is a review of the KeyCDN
Brief background
KeyCDN is a service provided by a Swiss based company Proinity Limited, it’s headquartered in Winterthur, Switzerland. The private company offers content delivery network plans at reasonable rates. KeyCDN focuses on making the CDN networks available to everyone including expansion to regions where they are not commonly available. KeyCDN offers various features with its service such as push and pull functionality, video hosting features, security features, RMTP streaming functionality.
The push and pull functionality
Typically, CDN works in two ways i.e. the push and pull CDN. Through the Push CDN, you are allowed to upload files on their servers so that in turn they are served to your visitors. In this functionality your visitors are served from the closest POP to them. On the other hand, the pull functionality works by caching your website files onto their servers once the visitors arrive on your page. The great thing is that you can choose between pull or push functionality which helps you to cut server cost on your hosting package. The choice between pull or push functionality depends on the kind of files you have on your website.
For instance, a site that has large files in audio or video format will do well with the push CDN. The visitors has to do much of the downloading in such a scenario and the push CDN will only require you to upload the files once and it will be served better during follow up visits. On the other hand the pull CDN will do well with the website with smaller files; you only optimize the content that requires extra resources.

The pricing
As stated earlier, KeyCDN services are served at quite affordable prices. First of all they offer their services without any monthly charges. The service is based upon the pay as you go module. They will charge a minimum of $0.04 per GB for the initial 10TB. As in most internet based services, they offer a free trial without any credit card obligation. In short, their pricing is meant to uphold their agenda of making CDN services available to everyone.
More features
Security features
Security is another great feature that comes with CDN, it is a great addition and it gives you an opportunity to create secured links which come with an expiration date. This means you provide your visitors with only links that are authentic. KeyCDN comes with a shared SSL feature that is free to use and very easy to manage under few clicks. These features can be used through the KeyCDN.
Easy to use
Simplicity is a huge consideration in the usage of internet based applications. KeyCDN developers have outdone themselves in the simplification of their dashboard. Actually, it is quite easy to learn and manage once you are logged in. The stats are clearly indicated as they occur plus they’ve created a mobile and tablets friendly site that can be accessed through the handheld devices while on the move. The content can either be pulled or pushed from or onto their servers respectively. In addition, KeyCDN makes the process of taking files to the servers simpler through caching content instantaneously from the initial request.
In case you wish to host videos on your site KeyCDN makes it possible and easier for you through the special features. Furthermore, it has an optional video player tool that makes the process of streaming video easier. Although, keyCDN is compatible with various platforms WordPress users can access it through plugins such as WP super cache and W3 total cache (the two are free and fully supported).
Using KeyCDN on WordPress sites
The KeyCDN installation process on WordPress is not complicated at all and their non-credit card obligation means you can test out their free trial service. After the formalities, you can access the dashboard. There a links to a number of useful topics regarding KeyCDN including the choices between the pull and push functionality.
The first step is creating a zone followed by the naming, and then you choose either the pull or push CDN and entering the domain of your website. There are more advanced configuration settings if you wish to access more features within the management dashboard. When you press the add tab the program will start the file pulling process immediately on to the delivery network.
The dashboard also has a member’s account that gives you access to the analysis, it also gives you a collection of all the relevant data such as how much data you are using, the traffic and the visitors view on your site.
The pros and cons
The pros
• It is easy to integrate with WordPress sites
• They have a non credit card obligation free trial
• Obviously improves site loading speed
• Offers greats security features
• The pricing is quite affordable plus they have no monthly charges (its pay as you go).
• The dashboard is responsive
The cons
• The dashboard has a live twitter feed that is offers distraction and seems out of place in the dashboard.
KeyCDN is a great service; specifically for WordPress users. It is affordable and accommodates everyone. Additionally, the service comes with great and relevant security features for your site. Obviously, the services will improve the loading speed of your site. In comparison with the other CDN services in the market, KeyCDN is a nice product.

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